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Is there a place to see the current version of your software? It would be helpful to us if we knew whether we are looking at a new ‘fix’ or not.

Ideally, along with the version number, I would like to see a list of known bugs so that we can know if we need to report a new one. Bugzilla is one of several packages which work well.

We have discussed this. On the one side it would be really helpful for the testers, but at this point we have decided against it.

We will be changing the subject of the first post to reflect the issue number in our issue tracker and hopefully that will be useful in your testing and it will make it easier for us to track issues.

I just posted this idea and didn’t see yours until afterwards…

Have a look at the source code of Near the bottom it loads the Javascript bundle with a timestamp, which indicates the date/time the current version was bundled for production. We typically accumulate a few fixes in each bundle, but at least it gives you an idea of when the current version was deployed.

We are using Gitlab internally and have been discussing how to make a list of known issues publicly available. We’d like to avoid keeping parallel/multiple lists, but as Kim said we are now indicating in the thread subject whether an issue has been created.

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I’m seeing a timestamp of 201802150957, which I assume translates to Feb 15 at 9:57am.

In another thread, there was a comment from 2 days ago (Feb 17) that an issue was fixed that day, so should the timestamp not be at least Feb 17th, or did you roll back to an earlier version?

One suggestion is publish a [read-only] “Changelog” category in the Forum that includes posts with the Date and Time of each update, along with the changes that it includes. This is standard practice for app updates on any platform, and would be SUPER helpful for testers to know which issues are fixed. You could even include a list of “known issues” yet to be fixed. Yes, this would be extra work, but may save you time answering questions about fixes one-by-one. Just send people to the Changelog instead.
See how Dropbox tracks changes to their Client apps using a Forum…

They (Dropbox) used to be much better at this, but seem to have stopped including changelog notes, which is crazy! I see the same trend in mobile app release notes where they just include boilerplate text of “We update the app regularly!”… so annoying! Do they think their users are children that can’t read, or are they just lazy??? Some of us users actually read those notes and find them very useful! But this feedback always falls on deaf ears, unfortunately.

I see that the version changed today ([size=small][font=monospace]/_js/angular-app/aot-rmm7-bundle-201803061158.js). It would be most helpful to know what changed so we can review and test those features. Thanks.[/font][/size]

The changelog can be found here:

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Thank you. I saved the link.

I looked at the page source today and found src=“main.78fd6e9f1fb3337b884f.bundle.js” which doesn’t seem to be a date code any more. The other links with ‘bundle’ in them have similar long hex numbers. So where is the date now?

We recently improved the building and bundling process and the bundle timestamp was a casualty – I’ve asked our developers to include a timestamp again so that you may compare the version with the changelog.

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You can now see the build timestamp at the bottom of the folder pane.

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