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One of the things that I like about the RB6 webmail interface is the ability to click on the top element of the folder tree (i.e. your username) and view All Mail. This is very convenient if you filter your mail into different folders. One click and you see everything.

Any plans to add this feature in RB7?

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Thanks for the feedback – I have added your suggestion to our issue tracker as a possible feature. :slight_smile:

  • Geir
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+1 for this feature. I constantly use it in the existing interface.

By the way, is it also possible to have the same thing but on a folder level?
When you have a folder (other than inbox) that contains a lot of sub-folders, can we we get a count on the folder level as well as when you click on the folder to get all the messages from the sub-folders?

I know that this is more of new feature rather than β€œbeta-testing RB7” but I though to add it here to check if it makes sense for others too.

+1 again. This feature is really important to me too