Viewing compose screen

when I compose I have to scroll right to see the cc, bcc, attach etc buttons. How do I make it so I can view the whole screen?

I had the same problem two days ago, on two different computers set to the same screen resolution. (I switch between them at different times of the day.) One kept the proper window size, the other went off the right of the screen just like @Johnruffu reported in the first post. I use the same browser (Vivaldi) on each computer. (Vivaldi is based on Chromium and if a page works in Chrome it works in Vivaldi, is my experience.)

are you suggesting that I use Vivaldi to get the full screen. Liz at runbox reported that runbox 7 does not have a fix right now and that it is a normal structure.


Hello and thanks for the feedback!

The width of the Compose screen depends on some of the content such as recently used recipients, which when displayed could expand the window beyond the viewport width.

A fix for this is now in the pipeline here: style(compose): Fix width and decrease vertical space. by gtandersen · Pull Request #1184 · runbox/runbox7 · GitHub

– Geir

thanks geir,

so you are working on it. great.
I think the format in the link is will be very good on runbox 7.