Visual stuff [#762, #803]

I am finding it hard to distinguish between read and unread messages. I know the unread messages are bold. Perhaps it is the font being used, i do not know. I never had an issue with RB6, but i am finding it visually difficult to read the new interface. It also goes beyond just the bold/non-bold. I think it has something to with the font type. For example i find it easier to read Times New Roman on a computer screen compared to arial. Perhaps something to do with a clear type font.

I am also finding that the columns are not auto sizing. I often notice the “From” and “subject” field info is often cut off. in RB6 i believe it might have been dynamic because it seems to choose the size based on the longest data in that column. If Rb7 can do the same or at least have a way to drag the column to make it bigger manually, though not sure having to manually do it every time i go into a folder is ideal either.

There also seems to be no way to sort by specific columns. It sorts by date, newest on top and that’s all.

I uploaded a screen shot of both RB6 and RB7 to see visually what they look like. RB6 is easier to read. Also notice that for some reason the first item on top at 04:54 and is the first thing on the list where as on RB6 it is the 4th (as it should be).

I agree that the read/unread distinction should be more pronounced. And I find the font used in the message list sort of fuzzy. It’s not my eyesight or display as I don’t see this problem in RB6, or anywhere else.

Fuzzy is a good word for it. I noticed it to and like with RB6 and other websites, i never noticed it there.

Just an update… in Chrome it looks great. Firefox on a PC looks fuzzy. There is another thread where a Mac user mentions that it too looks fuzzy on FF.

Thanks for the feedback. We are planning to improve the font display in the message list, and I have added the column width issue to our todo list.

I’m also checking with our developers regarding the message that was out of order.

  • Geir

Ditto. The roboto font is too bulky. Baseline width (of read msgs) should be Light - 100 or 200 weight. Right now they’re too close to be distinguishable.

alohastation: Could you post a screenshot? Which browser/version please?

  • Geir

Will we be able to choose colors for the interface or be stuck with basic blue?

Themes are something we are already talking about. We want to get the functionality working better first and then we can look at colours and themes. Themes will be important to many customers I am sure (and also myself) :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dave. I agree it’s far more important to the program to function as intended before adding bells and whistles, but you know me and purple–hahaha. I feel SO excited to see the end result. Love ya always!

The column width issue (#762) is now fixed.

  • Geir

not sure that it is. When i saw this post i went and checked and it appeared to be fixed. However after refreshing the page a number of times and starting and stopping the synchronization in the attempt to understand how it works, the column width is back to being the way it had been at the time of the original posting to this thread. I had to click on another folder and then back to inbox to get it back to the variable width.

I can sort of replicate the issue… click on inbox initially. It looks good. Keep on clicking inbox. It appears that the column width shrinks and expands. click on it a few more times and it stays stuck. It seems at this point for a few more clicks it will go to shrink mode and click again the width expands. Eventually it will go back to the new variable width. Clicking Inbox , should if anything simply refresh the inbox and not alter the state of the column width.

Not too sure if that makes any sense, but you may want to check on that.

nathaniel: Which browser/version are you using, please? I can’t seem to reproduce this symptom.

  • Geir

I use FF 55.0.3 (64-bit). I dont want to upgrade to 56+ due to some of my more useful add-ons no longer working.

The problem does not seem to really be there now… however i do see the columns flicker small and back again really quick if i click “inbox” a few times. I will keep playing around to see what happens.
found a way to get the columns to mess up again… Not the same way as before, but

  • Make sure indexing is turned off (not sure if it will work with indexing on as i have indexing issues with my account)

  • Search for a message

  • click on the x to cancel search and display all messages again.

  • columns are back to truncating subject and from fields.

  • clicking “inbox” on the left will reset it and auto fit the columns again.

nathaniel: Can’t reproduce this in Firefox 59.0. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version.

However, there will be truncating of fields similar to Runbox 6 but the columns should auto-adjust to fill as much of the width as possible.

  • Geir

I hate to bring this up again… but I am still having the column width issue. Mostly on FF56… I will not upgrade to 59+ due to losing most of my add-ons. While some addons were ported over, they lost so much of their functionality as to be useless. So for now I have no immediate plans on upgrading. I just logged into Chrome to test something else out and it was doing it there as well. I click on “inbox” and it stretches out to what it is supposed to be, but when i first logged in, it was scrunched up.

In FF56 if i press Inbox it will switch from column auto size to scrunched up. Back and forth every time i click on inbox. In Chrome once i click Inbox it auto fits the column and stays that way no matter if i press inbox again or not.

In FF if i click on another folder (ex. sent box) it starts off scrunched up and then auto fits automatically. But i see it happen. Clicking on “Sent” more than once does what it is supposed to do, refreshes. Only the Inbox has that weird behavior.

I’m seeing the same, FF 59.0.2. Scroll down in inbox, 2K messages. select a message then close it, columns shrink. Click Inbox to reset.

Thanks for the additional detail – I’ve confirmed this in Firefox now. Added issue #803.

  • Geir