WebDAV further possibilities

I’m strongly interested to have items synced between devices. The renewed Calendar and Contacts sync are on the best way to be finalized, but there are a lot of new possibilities which can be done with minimal Runbox investment, eventually no investment at all.
What is open for me is the sync of safari favorites Bookmarks an Passwords.
For Passwords sync it is necessary to create in dav.runbox.com along with existing Calendars an Addressbooks folder one additional folder, Passwords with read and write privileges for principal. The necessary software for users is free or cheap, depending on user needs. For sure also other software can be used, personally I like this because offers zero knowledge AES256 encryption what for passwords storage is desirable.
Here is the link to the mentioned password manager: http://safe-in-cloud.com/en/


I second this. And, since the Runbox team has so much free time on their hands how about considering an open source collaborative tool (word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation - image editor - with WebDav storage.) We cannot free ourselves from Microsoft and Google without all the tools to do so.


Oh if only this were true… :wink:

Who knows what we might do in the future. It’s an attractive idea for sure :slight_smile:

But being serious, yes, we’ve talked about WebDAV for files as we already offer some limited file storage for each account. We’re definitely interested in this, but better Contacts, Calendar and webmail/web app functionality are top of the list for the time being.