Weird message (definitely spam) claiming to be from Indeed in my RB7 inbox

As the subject line says, there is a weird message in my RB 7 inbox that claims to be from Indeed. It’s spam because I am not signed up with them…

But what’s really strange is that it only appears in RB7. It does not appear in RB6 or in Thunderbird.

Also, the message does not load when I click on it. I was going to open a support ticket, but thought I’d mention it here since it only appears in RB7.

Hello. Do you also access your account via IMAP? I wonder if you can see the message there. Sometimes the index can get out of sync and we correct that using a synchronisation procedure we can do for you via a support ticket.

Hi Dave,

I do access it via IMAP as well, which is why I mentioned that the message was not visible in Thunderbird. :wink: It only appears in RB7.

I will open a ticket. I have a couple screenshots as well.

Just tried to open a ticket, and got the following error message: “413 Request Entity Too Large”

I included two screenshots; the total size would be just over 1MB… is that really too large?

That’s strange as people definitely send us messages with attachments larger than that. Could you try again please when logged in to your support account? Thank you.

Done, and this time I was able to open the ticket. Sorry for the delay!