When message is open, no list functionality [#806]

Firefox 52.0.2

When a message is open, I can select messages in the table above, but the action icons (delete, move etc) are not available. Please enable the full list functionality, even when a message is open.

Thanks for your message – added issue #806 for this.

  • Geir

I believe this is tied in with the similar reports/requests regarding the delete/report spam ‘toolbar’ that slides out from the right hand side of the screen does not appear if you have the preview pane open. This makes multiple deletions very difficult and is the one thing that really irritates me about new Runbox 7. Other than that when you have a fast connection the new webmail is great - unfortunately where I work on a slow connection RB7 is a lot slower than RB6.

Please can you make the toolbar available whether preview pane is available or not?

Yes, this looks like the same issue to me. We will look in to that. Thanks.