Where is "threaded view" option?

I have seen several references in the forum about a “threaded view” toggle in the upper right corner of the inbox. I have no such toggle, or I am completely blind. I am desperate to have this feature in my inbox.

Here’s what I see and it’s consistent in Firefox and Chrome. Where is the toggle?


Solved: Inbox threaded view is only available with local indexing turned on. I do not understand the privacy and security implications of local indexing, so I have never turned it on. This is why I have never had threaded view available.

Local indexing will store a copy of the search index on your device in your browser. It will still be stored even if you log out, so you should be careful when using non-private computers/devices. If using a public computer, you should always use private browsing (also called incognito mode).

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I think that such relevant security informations should be posted in advance in a separate part of forum.

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