Which way to setup a new account with my domain?

If this is covered somewhere and I didn’t find it, please just direct me. I’m interested in how to recommend new users with their own domains should create runbox accounts.

I see that the signup page has a “I have my own domain” option. that is option 1. I suspect it works fine.

However, when I did it, either it wasn’t there or I didn’t see it or decided to checkout runbox before moving my business email here. I signed up for a runbox account. Then I pointed my domains email to runbox and used filters to send incoming mail to folders with each of my two business addresses as folders. Since I checked the option to keep everything, my runbox inbox has other addresses. I use the client’s name at my domain when communicating with vendors for the clients. These end up in the runbox folder and can be moved if necessary somewhere else.

This system seems fine, but is clearly not the way an alert person signing up would do it. I set my return address to be my business address.

The question is, how should I have new clients setup? What are the pros and cons of each method.



By this do you mean the pros and cons of using each method when you sign up for an account in the first place?

If so then the only difference is that if you choose to use your own domain then you don’t get a Runbox email address username and instead create one on your own domain. If you have a Runbox address username you can always add your own domain (as you say you did), and if you sign up with your domain then you username and main address will be on your domain and you can create a Runbox one as an alias later if you wish.

In short, the process just defines whether the username you log in with is on the Runbox domain or your own.

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