Wrong mail when replying or forwarding

I am having an issue with replying or forwarding emails. I’ve tried it several times and get the same result. Initially it was an email I was trying to forward. When the compose box opened up, there was a completely different email included and not the one I chose to reply to. After 2 attempts, I gave up. About a week later, I attempted to reply to a different email, from a different sender and the same thing happened when the compose box came up. The email I was replying to wasn’t what was in the compose box. In the first instance, it was an email I had read previously. Most of my emails are read only, meaning I don’t need to reply, but I can see this being a problem if something happens to need a response.

Hello. Given the description of the problem you gave it might be best if you opened a support ticket at https://support.runbox.com so that we can look in to this in more detail and ask you some questions about this. There could be good reasons this is happening, but it does sounds a bit strange so it is worth looking in to in more detail. Thank you.