Yesterday, app stopped syncing automatically

Yesterday or possibly this morning, my local app (Essential PIM) stopped automatically syncing with Runbox. The program wasn’t updated or changed. But, Even clicking send/ receive doesn’t get all my messages. However, when I click on the folder, then the messages for that folder download.

I’ve got it set to sync every 10 minutes. I can’t see where the program could be at fault, but that could be my sight, not fact. Did anything change or is there anything to check with Runbox. Again, once I select the folder, then the messages sync, but not before. I have multiple subfolders with different names.


Essential PIM got an update about 10 days ago, it could be related to that?

Personally, I haven’t had any issues with email syncing recently on Thunderbird.

Whatever the glitch was, it is gone now. It seems to have come on the 19th and left on the 20th.

Some things are just inexplicable.