Account freeze of someone I know (because of law enforcement request?)

So my acquaintance can’t login anymore with any password.
It just keeps stuck on the login page, I guess this is the one you comply to seize for law enforcement since your transparency report is up to date from today the 10 of April ? Seems quite short between the time he did got his account from you and the now that you seem to freeze his account … way shorter than what you explain in your blog post in 2023.
And it can’t be a server problem since my account is working fine.

You could at least put a message on the login page when the account is freezed up because of law enforcement request don’t you think? What harm could it do anyway since the person don’t have access to anything afterwards anyway…
good job guys for protecting activists and whistleblowers and people who just speak up their mind.

Why does he not receive any news from at least your support, guys ? At least to tell him that his account has being frozen because of a request of an agency.


For privacy reasons we can only respond to account-specific requests via Runbox Support.

Our Transparency Report reflects the current status on a daily basis and any similarity in date/time is likely coincidental.

For details about our processing of requests from authorities, please see our Privacy Policy.

– Geir