Archive, Archives, Runbox 7 & mad folders?

Hi There !

I discovered something a weird with Runbox7, let me show:
From left to right:
Thunderbird / Runbox “classic” / Runbox 7

1/ For some reason, subfolders from inbox are moved in Archives ?
2/ Subfolders from inbox/old/… are moved in Archives/2010/…
3/ “Archives” was created by Thunderbird…I wanted to test the archive function.

  • for some reason, I’m not able to see “Archive” (without ‘s’) in Thunderbird?
  • For this thunderbird test, I only archived a single email from 2010 (so thunderbird created Archives/2010).

4/ Before Thunderbird created “Archives”, my inbox subfolders were visible in RB7 in Archive folder
For example Archive/old.
But subfolders from “old” was not visible…


Hi @poule, thanks for the detailed description :­)

I have a suspected fix for this, described in more detail in this post. Can you give it a try and let me know if it helps?

Hi @tadzik

It works fine with beta link (I mean folder are where expected).

As 2nd question: is it expected that ‘archive’ folder (default runbox folder, not created by me) is not visible from thunderbird ?

Great that it works now :­)

As for Thunderbird invisibility: are you sure you’re subscribed to it in Thunderbird?

arf, I enabled subscribe for this folder (it was disabled), but then it was not refreshed immediatly…when I relaunched TB, it was there.
Now I can archive in “Archive” :grin: and tidy my box in appropriate way.

Thanks for support and look forward for next RB7 updates :+1: