Cannot delete messages [#795]

Hi again.

I seem to be unable to delete messages: I select them from a list, then several symbols appear on my right side with the different options (report spam, move to folder, delete).

I choose delete, there is a message in the bottom of the screen stating “Deleting”, but nothing happens.

Have you come across with this is issue? It basically renders the app unusable.

Carlos Dourado

No such problem (Win7, Chrome)
A follow up: seems there is no way to delete individual messages from Trash. Hasn’t it been reported already?

Ah, forgot to include more data:

Occurs on Firefox 59.0.2 (64-bit), Windows 10.

Carlos Dourado

I only run into that problem if I try to delete something that is in my trash. Otherwise for me running FF56 Win7x64 deleting works from the inbox

This should be fixed now. Can you reload the page and confirm that please?

If you mean deleting individual messages from Trash - no, it’s not fixed.

Added issue #795 for deleting messages from Trash.

  • Geir

I am having difficulty will message deletions similar to that described by dourado’s “Cannot delete messages” post.

I try to delete ( i.e. move to trash ) a message. I consistently get a notification “deleting” at the bottom of the window. The notification remains through the rest of the session regardless of anything else I do.

All of my various attempts have failed to get a message to the trash.
I have no problem with this in R6.

Windows 10 (64-bit)

Carl Tango: Welcome to the Runbox 7 forum and thanks for your comment.

If you’re using the local (synchronized) index then your account might need to be reindexed after the recent updates to the message indexer. If you provide your Runbox username either here or in a support ticket we’ll initiate a reindex for you.

  • Geir

Hi Geir:

Thank you for your reply.

I believe I am using the local index. I checked again just before writing this note and the problem still persists.

My Runbox user name is:

Please initiate a reindex from your end when convenient.

Thank you for your patience. I am a bit new to this but would like to help if I can.


Carl: Sorry for the late reply – your account is being reindexed now.

  • Geir

No Problem Geir. Unfortunately reindexing has not helped.

I have also stopped the synchronization and restarted the indexing on my end with no success.

My guess is there is something specific with using Edge since others appear to have this issue resolved. It may be best to wait until the “delete from trash” issue is fixed. Whatever is going on there may be related to “move to trash”.

Windows 10 (64 bit)

I am on Windows 10 and use the Vivaldi browser. I also (sometimes) cannot delete e-mails from my inbox. Mail. When deleting there is a popup saying deleting but afterwards the mail is not deleted.

More fixes for these issues have been deployed recently, so please try to stop and restart index synchronization again.


  • Geir

I have the same exact problem. Running High Sierra on Chrome. Happy to initiate the index process, but I don’t know how.

At the bottom of the folder pane, click “Stop index synchronization” and then “Synchronize index”.

You can find more information here:

– Geir

Deleting messages from Trash should be fixed now in version 2018-10-09T17:28:32.279Z

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It works! thanks a lot!

One more step towards not using the “old” webmail version!

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So, as far as I can tell, if the index synchronization is turned off then I cannot delete messages. Is that correct? Thank you.

Hello. Can you describe what you are doing in a bit more detail please as I am not seeing a problem when I test here. Are you using the Trash icon in the open message window, or the Trash icon from the tool bar when a message is selected in the message list please?