Contact fields with special characters

I know you are working on better “contacts” functionality and groups etc, so this might be unnecessary to add, but sins I can’t find that it has been mentioned anywhere else:

If using special characters in any contact field (any field when creating new contact), this is possible to save with no errors, and appears to work just fine in the contacts menu. When exiting the contacts menu and returning to the web mail, then returning back into the contacts menu, all the special characters have turned into gibberish. This includes special characters in the email field, witch should prompt an error on its own.

p.s. I can not seem to find a way to delete contacts.

p.s.s. I no longer get error messages when trying to create folders with special characters in them, they just don’t appear. Same goes for too long folder names. No add blocker/ghostery active.


I can not seem to find a way to delete contacts.

Yeah, the Contacts are pretty basic in Runbox7 as of now; I’m working on making massive improvements there, but it’s probably still a few weeks away. Meanwhile should provide a more complete interface.

I’ll look if the character encoding issues still exist in the new version of Contacts, but last I checked they were okay in there. So I have to ask for a bit more patience, and let me know if you’ll be interested in beta-testing the new Contacts :­)

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Follow up: with new contacts released just now, the problem shouldn’t exist anymore: let me know if that is the case :­)

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