Custom spam folders broken in Runbox 7

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Firefox 63 on Ubuntu


I don’t use the Runbox web app, and always send and receive my mail using Thunderbird. With today’s news about Runbox 7 (which I didn’t know existed) being released as GPLv3, I decided to check it out.

In the webmail interface, there is a “Spam” folder that does not appear in Thunderbird. In Thunderbird, I’ve instead created a plain IMAP folder called “Junk”, which I’ve always moved messages to when marking them as spam. There are a few dozen messages in that “Junk” folder (because I haven’t set up Thunderbird to automatically purge them, since the volume isn’t a problem).

In the Runbox 7 interface, there were two messages categorized as spam in the “Spam” folder. One was not spam. (I wanted it.) I used the Runbox 7 interface to move it to my inbox. (Side note, although it became immediately accessible there, I was not able to tab over to Thunderbird and read there without restarting Thunderbird; however, after restarting Thunderbird, it did appear.) I then used the “Filter” setting “Detect junk mail” to configure this IMAP “Junk” folder as my junk mail folder, instead of “Spam”. There had been one remaining spam message in “Spam” at the time (subject: “Hello Dear,” from: “mrs louisa benson”). From Runbox 7, the message count in “Spam” went to 0, and “Junk” shot up to 38, as expected (+1 more than what was there before, but there are only 24 shown in the message list from Runbox 7").

Using Thunderbird, I can see the message from “mrs louisa benson” in my IMAP “Junk” folder, but using Runbox 7, it’s not listed in “Junk”. However, when I click the phantom “Spam” folder that supposedly has 0 messages in it, all messages that I’d expect to see in “Junk” actually appear.

I’ve also tested the web interface by going back and marking some older message as spam. It appears in my “Junk” folder in the web interface, but no IMAP updates are sent, I guess, because Thunderbird does not show it in my “Junk” folder.

Note that throughout all this, the legacy webmail interface shows the expected results “Spam” has a 0 count, and clicking through shows no messages listed, while “Junk” has a 38 count, and clicking through shows all 38.

HI and thanks for your message.

Could you try stopping and starting index synchronization in Runbox 7 (bottom left corner) and see if that helps?

This problem may also be easier to resolve if you set “Spam” as your spam folder in both Runbox and in your email client, as this is the default name used throughout Runbox.

– Geir