Detailed feedback

  1. I only use the web interface on a work PC (I use a mail client on my own PC and phone) - hence I was confused and concerned when RB7 came up with a message that it would “now synchronise with your device”. I now understand (from Runbox support) that if I decline this, nothing is synchronised, but it could be clearer.
  2. It is impossible to multiple select emails whilst holding down the shift key - probably one of the oldest methods of interacting with lists on a PC, very annoying that this capability has gone.
  3. I can’t “pop out” emails into their own windows, to enable me to look at other emails in folders simultaneously.
  4. In Junk mail, there used to be a single trash can icon to enable deletion of everything in the folder - that no longer exists. I tried to select all emails with the little square at the top, but that only seems to select the visible emails. So deleting junk emails has turned from something straightforward into a chore.
  5. Also, in Junk it used to be possible to mark an email as “not spam”, and it would be moved back to Inbox - and I assume that helped train the junk filter. No longer.

Hi Chris and thanks for your detailed feedback.

Some of the issues you raise relate to functionality that exists in Runbox 6 and that hasn’t yet been implemented in Runbox 7, but that is in the works. See my replies to each issue below.

  1. While Runbox 7 will perform much faster with a local/synchronized index, this is not required at all. As you may know, browser routinely cache data locally and Runbox 7 extends this concept by utilizing other, local browser storage as explained here: Is preview pane only way to view email?

  2. Selecting multiple messages using the Shift key hasn’t been implemented yet and is an existing issue ( In the meantime you may select multiple messages by clicking and dragging as explained here:

  3. Opening messages in a separate window is an ongoing discussion here: Is preview pane only way to view email?

  4. In your designated Spam folder you can click the “More” icon and then “Move all to Trash” to empty your Spam folder. Clicking the “Check all” box at the top of the message list will only select visible messages because the list is “infinite” and selecting all of them could unintentionally include messages that are not in view. Expanding on this functionality is part of this issue:

  5. Adding a “Not spam” button in the designated Spam folder is now added to this issue:

– Geir