Downloading again and again from Eudora - related to index sync?

Will come back in a bit.


First, my Runbox usage, for now, is meant to be simply POP download daily.
Down to zero, up a bit, download.
No synchronization (does that mean iMap?) needed at this time.

My Eudora is continually downloading about 4,000 emails, even though my actual load in Runbox, when I visit the email in Runbox 6, is approximately 500.

However, if I am in Runbox 7, without an index, it shows 4,000 plus.
If I hit “Synchronize Index” it goes down to the 500 or so.


I realize that there has been some posts about quirky behaviour, like this one.

Can I have a theory as to why this occurs, and the simplest way to prevent?

Again, I need only SIMPLE POP download, at this time!

Eudora has leave mail on server unchecked. -incoming and outgoing
was working fine for a year or two

Thanks for the wonderful forum!