Synchronizing Account Index

I’m getting some strange behaviour in my Inbox when Synchronizing the Account Index.

My inbox (which is empty in IMAP or legacy Runbox webmail) has a number of emails appear when Synchronization is on.

These emails are not readable as the preview window is blank.

If I search, however, I can retrieve a message and view its contents.

Does one have to manually turn off synchronization or is this a known bug?

Same problem for me

I can report (mostly) the same issue here. When I turn on synchronization, my Inbox displays a whole bunch of emails which I know have already been moved to the trash. As the others report, if I click on them, the preview pane is blank - though the occasional one seems to be able to display the message in the preview pane.

This makes synchronization unusable for the time being.


I have exactly the same problem reported above

I reported this issue in the “User Interface” category. It seems that the R7 Webmail client is not checking the “deleted” flag on messages in the Inbox.

Are the messages deleted, moved, or changed via IMAP when this problem occurs? If so this is on our to-do list and will be fixed.

  • Geir

I have the same problem and I use POP.
So not an IMAP-specific issue.

I mostly use IMAP so it might be related. Hope to see a fix soon :slight_smile:

Just started using R7 today and haven’t figured out exactly what is happening. My Inbox is OK when first opening but when I return after having looked at another folder, hundreds of items appear in the iInbox index, almost all of which were deleted or moved to my archive folder months ago. Most of that processing would have been done using Apple Mail/IMAP if that may be affecting how items are coded/indexed.
I’m also seeing that some items are blank in the preview pane but haven’t identified a consistent pattern as yet.

We have recently deployed a version that takes changes done via IMAP/POP into consideration.

If the issue persists, please stop synchronization (and delete the local index) by using the button in the lower left corner. Then re-start synchronization to download a fresh index from the server.

  • Geir

Unfortunately, the issue still persists for me on the latest builds of Chrome and Firefox. Have tried stopping sync and deleting the local index several times on both browsers. I have messages in the inbox when the index is synchronized going back to November 2017.

Similar - I stopped synchronisation, cleared history and cache, quit and restarted Chrome, reopened R& and synchronisation resumed and all the deleted/moved messages came back to the INBOX index.

This is not happening with Safari where things seem to be working as would be expected.

seraphim: Does the issue persist after I reindexed your account (in another thread)?

  • Geir

Glendon: Could you open a support ticket and provide your Runbox username so we can reindex your account?

  • Geir


the same thing happens with my account. When synchronisation is activated, multiple emails that have already been deleted start showing up again. The trash has been emptied, the synchronisation restarted, and the browser (Chrome 64.0.3282.167) completely cleared multiple times. The deleted mails do not show up when using another client and IMAP or the old Runbox web interface.
It’s not possible to view or delete them again.

All of the affected mails have been flagged by Google as spam or containing a virus (until recently, I pulled Runbox mails into a Gmail account) and been left on the Runbox server, instead of retrieving them as usual.

My Runbox account name: pcarstens

I can confirm this behavior as well. All mail from all folders including Trash is showing up in the Inbox. Using runbox webmail on Linux Ubuntu 16.10 with Firefox 58.0.2.
All the messages have been moved/processed previously with Ubuntu Thunderbird with IMAP setup.
As soon as I switch off synchronization, the expected amount of msg’s shows up as is in Thunderbird or in the old Runbox webmail.
My account name is


Hi Geir,

Sorry for the late reply. Just saw your message.

The problem still persists. Just tested on the latest Chrome release on Windows 10.

Same same. Index totally off. Have to manually refresh to get it to match actual inbox.

Which browser/version are you using, please?

  • Geir

Afraid I’m seeing the same in Chrome 64 (actually Chrome OS).

I reindex and the inbox appears normally for a few minutes. But when indexing is complete, I see all kinds of misplaced emails in my ‘inbox’. I’m not doing anything via IMAP during this time.