Folder Management

Is there an option in Runbox 7 for Folder Management?

It’s clearly found in the original interface, but no (obvious to me anyway) sign in Runbox 7.

I was hoping to find more options for folders, including being able to set up an autopurge of a folder for e-mails within that folder older than “x” days.

If not being offered, that is a real disappointment.

Folder management will be added in the near future, but you can add, edit, and delete folders in the folder pane already.

  • Geir
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What about the autopurge, is that being considered?

No, that sounds like a very high risk feature.


But in RB6 Trash has been autopurged for donkey’s years. Even though it’s a very high risk feature…
I don’t see “folder list expand/collapse”. An oversight or a new design feature?

We will probably have it for Spam and Trash, but not for any folder.


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What about folder list expand/collapse? Somehow my two postings got merged …

We are considering this, but we are being careful not to clutter the interface. :wink:

  • Geir

Well, this is present in RB6. Why do you want to remove useful features? There is a borderline somewhere between uncluttering the interface and reducing functionality, and it seems you favour the latter.

We’re not building the same interface as RMM6, we are building a new interface with modern technologies and design standards.

Furthermore, we are naturally starting with the basic functionality and expanding gradually. This doesn’t mean that we won’t add feature X or Y in the future, as mentioned in my previous post.

  • Geir

I definitely miss the ability to expand and contract the folder list. This is definitely something that should be added.

In the folder management area, I think it would be good to “lock” Compose/Drafts and folder management controls (only + is available now). The same should be done for Syncronize Index at the bottom or simply place the “Synchronize” icon somewhere else in the interface without a label.

I find the current folder display a bit annoying. It seems that all folders should be collapsed by default with the ability to expand individual or all folders as needed. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback. We will keep it in mind as we continue to make improvements.

  • Geir

I do not see how this would clutter the interface. A little + surrounded by a square next to the folder name is unobtrusive. Or something similar to windows explorer (a little right pointing triangle).

While i would like this feature, my only issue with something like this would be if i have auto filters set up to move incoming messages, and the folder is collapsed, unless there is a visual clue somehow, i may not notice that one of the sub-folders has a new unread message.

Not being able to expand/collapse folders is actually a nightmare.

I have a lot of subfolders and seeing all of them expanded all the time is annoying; but far worse, drag/drop messages to classify them is now a huge pain (have to scroll and scroll, again and again, along the unending left pane). It’s unworkable.

For my usage it’s by far the number one lacking feature.

Thanks for the feedback.

In my own personal experience, clicking to expand/collapse folders in addition to moving messages to the folders takes longer than just scrolling down the list of 100+ folders.

It’s interesting to hear the experience of others as we work to increase the usability aspects.

  • Geir
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The usefulness of this feature probably depends on how many folders you have and how you use them. I tend to have the same folder structure open/expanded most of the time, but with the option to open others as I need them. This means for most of the time there is no need to expand/collapse folders or scroll, and I can work with the frequently used folders very easily.

I can change the folder structure that is visible periodically rather than having to all of the time, and I rely on RMM6 and my email client remembering which folders I have expanded between sessions.

I’m also a fan of folders that expand automatically when you drag a message to them as they do in some interfaces. For example, I can drag a message to Archive and then as I hold the message over archive this expands to show the year folders inside where I can then drop the message in to the appropriate folder e.g. Archive >> 2017 or similar.

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This is your personal preference which is fine for you, but the idea gives me the shudders.

I may remember that have a subfolder ‘holidays in honululu’ somewhere, but can’t remember whether it’s under Archive, or Archive>>2017, or John ('cos it’s my mate I went to Honolulu with)… It’s much simpler to have a full list (on demand) than to drag a message over all folders to find the one I’m after hidden somewhere.

Well it doesn’t have to be a case of one or the other. Both are useful in different circumstances, and we don’t have to limit ourselves here. Some people might prefer to use a search feature to find a folder; maybe we can make the search feature do that too. :slight_smile: