Getting started contributing to Runbox 7


Do you like Runbox 7 but think it could be better? Then this post is for you! :smiley:

There are many ways you can get involved and help make Runbox 7 better not just for yourself, but for everyone who is using it daily.


The easiest way to get involved is simply to suggest improvements. We encourage you to do this here in our forum, where you can get immediate feedback from our community.

Just click the New Topic button in the top right corner, and start writing! Make sure you pick a suitable category for your post so that others can easily find it.

Bug reports

Find something that doesn’t work as expected? We’d like to hear about it!

You may post bug reports here in the Runbox Forum, but ideally you use the issue tracker on Github:

There it’s easier for us to keep track of all issues relating to Runbox 7, and we won’t have to cross-post both places.

If you do add an issue to Github, we would appreciate it if you follow our issue submission guidelines. Thanks!


More than anything we love code contributions, so if you see something that needs fixing or have an idea that you are able to put into code, we have a great program for you!

There are both bugs waiting to be squashed and features waiting to be implemented, and we have marked some of them as good first issues for newcomers.

Bug fixes

We now offer bug bounties on 4 different levels, corresponding to the bugs listed on Github.

Before you start, please review our Pull Request guidelines.


We have a growing list of requested functionality, in addition to the list of features defined in the Runbox 7 Roadmap, all eligible for feature bounties and up for grabs!

Again, before you start, please review our Pull Request guidelines.


As we develop Runbox 7 it’s important that we add tests to ensure that new functionality works as expected and doesn’t introduce issues that affect existing functionality.

Helping with end-to-end test can be both fun and valuable, so have a look at our End-to-end tests multi-issue!

Design and graphics

Aside from a blazingly fast user interface with exceptional functionality, we want Runbox 7 to look beautiful.

If you see room for improvement and would like to contribute graphics elements or themes, let us know – we will make it worth your while!

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