The Runbox 7 Roadmap

This is the Runbox 7 Roadmap with the main development phases and stages of the Runbox 7 development project.


Runbox 7 represents a complete upgrade of the web front-end of Runbox, and will culminate in a completely new user interface built in the Angular framework. More background on Runbox 7 can be found on our blog.

The Runbox 7 Webmail is our first priority, particularly the indexing and search engine. Our main objective is simple: To build the fastest webmail app on the planet and make email management more efficient than ever before.

The Runbox 7 app is now open source, so please see Commits · runbox/runbox7 · GitHub for a detailed status of the Runbox 7 development project.

Runbox 7 is a research and development project with funding from The Research Council of Norway.

This is a Norwegian government agency responsible for awarding grants for research and promoting research and science.


This roadmap represents our current plan and may change according to our progress and feedback from our beta testers. So let us know what you would like us to prioritize by commenting on this post!

And if you would like to contribute, just head over to: Runbox 7 Feature and Bug Bounty Program

Phase 1

Angular-based webmail app featuring instant listing and searching of messages, powered by database accelerated synchronization of indices between server and client.

Screens and functions

  1. Webmail > List (with folders) :white_check_mark:
  2. Webmail > Read :white_check_mark:
  3. Webmail > Compose :white_check_mark:
  4. Main menu :white_check_mark:
  5. Design integration (wrapper) :white_check_mark:
  6. Folder management (create, delete, rename, move folder) :white_check_mark:
  7. Mobile PWA app :white_check_mark:

Phase 2

Webmail related functionality such as Webmail Preferences, Contacts, Folders, and Profiles/Identities.

  1. Webmail > Preferences :gear:
  2. Webmail > Identities :white_check_mark:
  3. Contacts with CardDAV backend :white_check_mark:
  4. Account > Security :white_check_mark:
  5. Account > Domain Registration (with sub-screens) :white_check_mark:
  6. Payment :white_check_mark:

Phase 3

Less urgent screens such as Manager and Account settings screens, as well as Files and other screens.

  1. Account > Main :white_check_mark:
  2. Account > Aliases :gear:
  3. Account > Sub-accounts (with sub-screens) :gear:
  4. Account > Email Hosting (with sub-screens)
  5. Account > Domain Hosting (with sub-screens)
  6. Signup
  7. Webmail > Folders
  8. Manager > Retrieve
  9. Manager > Filter :gear:
  10. Manager > Access
  11. Files

New features

New functionality that integrate email with other data and services, creating a message and task management hub.

These features are being developed in parallel with the phases above.

  1. End-to-end encryption :gear:
  2. Draft Desk and Message Desk :gear:
  3. Activity Overview/Dashboard :gear:
  4. Task management functionality :gear:
  5. Integrated video conferencing :gear:
  6. Smart filtering of email with task management integration
  7. Calendar with CalDAV backend :white_check_mark:
  8. File storage with WebDAV backend
  9. Integrated synchronous messaging
  10. [Your suggestion here]
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New features:

  1. Files access via webDAV
  2. Sync Safari bookmarks between macOS and iOS devices
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Let me stress how important it is no. 3.
It may be a lot of hassle, but I find it as important as webmail!


I think you should include an option to sync with Google calendar too.

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Can there be an option if version 6 is GONE to have the folders across the TOP
of the page, to drag-drop into?

Inbox - folder folder folder folder folder folder folder TOP
message |||| message view middle
||| control panel BOTTOM

as I’ve too many folders for the left pane to be usable in V7 …

Include “etherpad” and “ethercalc”. These are freely available and any files generated could be stored in each user’s area and counted against the user’s data storage limit. “Etherpad” and “ethercalc” are online collaboration software for editing and spreadsheeting, respectively.

  • keyboard shortcuts
  • archiving of messages
  • labels / tags for messages (Google has done a really good job with this)
  • automatically applicable filters for messages
  • using the URL for app state (so that things like back/forward work properly)

Thanks for all the great comments here! All have been read and noted.

Keep the comments coming – we would love to hear more! :smiley:

We will then distill them and integrate into our plans.

– Geir

I would reeeeeeeeeeeeally love a secure CalDAV server provided by my email host… absolutely worth paying for. Right now I host my own on a single-board computer but this is a task I’d really love to offload to a provider that’s gotten email right for me for years.

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I want a Archive button and the ability to use the keyboard a lot more.


My observation is why are you making this so complicated? Task management! who needs it? Calendar - who needs it. If you really have a significant user base that want this stuff then make a secondary version of runbox 7, say runbox super 7. Actually, for me, the current runbox webmail would be good enough with a few annoying things fixed. Like the fact that you cannot download multiple attachments to your computer at once and have to download attachments using “save link as”. End-to-end encryption is of course definitely worthwhile, but please explain how you achieve this unless both sender and recipient are using runbox 7?

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I am working with Runbox to look into end-to-end encryption. The most common solution is PGP, which works across any platform and email provider. The biggest downside is the key management which discourages many from using it at all. I am also looking at the possibility of another encryption method which avoids the key management issues of PGP and works with any email provider.

From our vantage point as a global email service provider there is an increasing need for more efficient email management that also integrates other types of services such as calendaring, file storage, and simple task management.

The reason for this is that email is essential to people’s online lives and central to their social networks. Email is the communication hub that virtually all other digital communication is built upon, because your email address is the key to using those services.

Each email message represents a subject, a contact, a piece of information, often a task or action that needs to be completed, sometimes a date and location, and possibly an attached file or document.

By using these data to organize email communication better, we can ultimately help email users organize their (digital) lives more efficiently. Therefore we believe that integrating email with related services and making everything instantly available, searchable, and manageable across devices is the future.

– Geir


i do, every day, every hour :wink:


I do :slight_smile:
A lot :blush:


Hi Geir. OK, I get it. Since the few respondents told me they want integrated Calendar and Task manager and no one was negative about it, I must assume I’m the only oddball here. Let me just explain my point of view. I do not have an internet based calendar or task manager. My calender is on my smart phone and my tasks are on separate software. Including these in Runbox 7, means that anyone who hacks into my account can potentially get more information on me than I would like. Segregation of data is always the best way to maintain security in my opinion. That’s why I prefer having different devices or software handle this for me. If you must include this in Runbox 7 then please disable it by default. Also please do not take meeting and task related data from emails and automatically put then in the calender or task manager, as with hotmail for example – sorry for the comparison but if you go down this route then the comparison is valid. Not disrespect intended but I feel strongly about this.


@JohnTowler That is a fair point, and we don’t have any plans or intentions to use data automatically in the way you describe. The functionality will simply be available for those who want to use it.

– Geir

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Hi Geir, thanks for putting my mind at rest.