Inbox still lists IMAP-deleted messages

Messages that have been deleted from the Inbox via IMAP are merely marked for deletion. It seems that R7 is not honouring this deletion flag and is still displaying these messages. They appear correctly in the Trash folder for both R7 and my email client, but also in the Inbox for R7.

I believe an IMAP “expunge” needs to occur before they will be fully gone from the Inbox?

This is a known issue and we will fix it as soon as time allows.

  • Geir

This issue should now be fixed.

  • Geir

I still have this problem if I synchronize the index. I’ve tried the suggested stop the synchronization and delete the index solution to no avail. Any thoughts or further suggestions?

INBOX is working as expected for me now using Safari - great progress!

Oddly though, using Chrome, I am still seeing the deleted and moved messages in the INBOX. I tried clearing the cache and all browsing history but it didn’t make a difference. No expert here but it seems very strange that this is a browser issue.

The issue is not fixed for me. I still see deleted messages.

I also tried loading up Webmail in a Private browsing window to ensure that everything was loading from scratch and same problem. … all deleted messages are visible.

seraphim and TheDigitalOrchard: I have initiated reindexing of your accounts, so please try to stop and start synchronization again.


  • Geir

I still have the same problem

Could you open a support ticket and provide your Runbox username so that we can reset your index?

  • Geir

Support request sent


I have the same problem as well on Mac and Win10 with three different browsers. Does Runbox have to reset the index for every user of R7?

So it was partly solved. Seems like the reset of the index solved all the old mails but it seems like it doesn’t reflect changes I have done through IMAP after the reset was performed.

The server index and the local index should be updated with changes made via IMAP/POP. The server index might take a few hours to be updated, but the local index should just take a few seconds. If this isn’t happening please open a support ticket with your Runbox username.

  • Geir

I have made a separate thread "Coordination of R7 and user’s IMAP client" which relates to this issue. My index was reset on Feb 23, but I still have problems.

Still seems to be problems with the syncing of changes done with IMAP

I’m having the same problem. I submitted a ticket to Runbox Support, and they replied that they aren’t supporting the R7 beta, and that I should report the problem here on the forum instead.
To be specific: Messages deleted on IMAP (even several days ago) are still visible in the R7 app inbox. This continues even after deleting and refreshing the index.

Also, messages deleted in the R7 app don’t disappear unless the index is deleted and refreshed.

Linux system. IMAP via Thunderbird. R7 app on Firefox and Vivaldi (same problem on both).

bjornh: Sorry about that, I’ve informed our support staff about your issue so that they may follow up.

This issue is likely related to this thread:

  • Geir

I haven’t opened R7 for awhile and i still see deleted messages in my folders, some dating back to 2015, which have been deleted for years! Since i originally opened R7, I have cleaned cache, history, cookies, but still see deleted messages too. Looks like you’re working hard, Geir and team.


Are you using IMAP alongside Runbox 7? If so, the issue is likely related to this which we are working on:

If not, then we can try reindexing your account.

  • Geir

I have no idea, Geir–that question is over my pay grade, but feel free to check my account.