Is Runbox 7 still beta?

I’ve been using Runbox 6 for a long time but had some issue with links the other day so I tried Runbox 7 and the links worked. My question is as the title says, is Runbox 7 still Beta because that is what is says in a banner at the top of my webmail.

Hi @technomad, as a Runbox user I can tell you that the banner is still correct and Runbox 7 web interface is not a finished product.

Please also check the following post about the current status of Runbox 7 develooment progress: The Runbox 7 Roadmap

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@technomad The main areas of Runbox 7 are completely upgraded from Runbox 6, but as @sawonym points out via The Runbox 7 Roadmap we are continuing to upgrade the remaining Runbox 6 screens and adding new features to Runbox7, while improving Runbox 7’s performance and functionality.

Although Runbox 6 users will be able to continue using the legacy version for the foreseeable future, Runbox 7 is now the default version for new users although we have kept the “beta” tag until it is entirely completed.

– Geir

Thanks for the explanation.

I have now swtiched to Runbox 7 and so far it’s been a good experience.