Mark read, mark unread

Aren’t these button confusing? They are to me :wink: – a button reflects the action that it performed when the button is pressed: if it has an open envelope, the button will mark as read. Currently Runbox 7 uses a combination that makes it too complicated to understand: both envelopes in one image, or a closed envelope with a check-mark.

Am I alone in being lost every time i click these? :innocent: If not, would it be possible to simplify them by using only one envelope clearly indication the action performed?

Further, when one or more messages that are all read are selected, the “mark read” button should ideally not be available to further simplify. And vice-versa. Only when messages with mixed statuses are selected, both buttons should be displayed.

I have not really articulated this before but thinking about it you are right. I often gaze at the read and unread buttons trying to think which one does which.

Thanks for your feedback – based on this we are now replacing the “mark unread” menu item:

– Geir