Moving emails to sent folder [#959]

For some reason, and not sure why, i have certain folders which had become child folders of inbox. For example i have a sent box in there with about 100 emails and i have a sent folder in the root. The reason is not important. I wants to merge the emails in the inbox/sent box to the /sent box. I select the emails and then click on the folder icon on the side which gives me a list of folders to choose to move to. However the /sent/ folder is not there. All the other folders are there, just not sent. So i have no idea how to move the emails from /inbox/sent to /sent/.

I thought i was blind and missing something, but i scrolled through the folders that came up (i only have about 20), but the /sent/ was not there.

Is this done on purpose? or is it missing?

I am including a screen cap of what i am talking about. I blanked out some folder names as they have my name as part of it.

I’m seeing the same thing here. It’s probably not been raised before as moving messages to a Sent folder isn’t a common task, though it should of course be possible. I’ll get this looked at. Thanks for letting us know about this.