New sync possible?

I don’t know in which category to place my request / my wish.

I’m a happy Runbox user, except the email services I use the sync for Contacts, Calendar and Notes. I’ll even more happy if I had the possibility also to sync my Safari bookmarks between my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Apple is offering this feature, but we are here to avoid Apple, Google and Co…

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I hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your topic to “Runbox Chat” as it was more about Runbox is general.

Glad to read that you are using a number of Runbox services at the moment. Interestingly, I don’t think we’ve been asked about syncing bookmarks before but it is a nice idea. I suppose that might be achieved via some kind of browser plugin/add-on in a similar way other services do this.

it’s certainly something we can consider in the future, but it isn’t something that would be in the near future as we are busy working on Runbox 7, its associated services and some other features for Runbox. We’ll definitely make a note of the bookmarks sync suggestion though :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,
thank you for reply. I understand that the primary target is the Runbox 7 and all the things related to this.
Maybe I’m totally wrong but my idea was to place a bookmark list somewhere on your server and with a Safari extension in macOS and a very small app in iOS to sync the Bookmarks betweed the Apple devices.

I’m wondering why my contacts synced over different devices are not synced also to the web mail. Maybe the 7 will solve this?

Yes, we’re currently working on a new Contacts service that will let you sync contacts between various devices/clients and Runbox 7.

– Geir

Do you mean I can use a calendar with runbox and finally stop giving any of my private info to the big, hungry, data monster?!?!?
I had no idea!
The calendar was the last google service I was using because I couldn’t find a good alternative.
Could you tell me how do you use this?
Does it work with Linux, Mac and Android?
Fingers crossed waiting for your answer :slight_smile:

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Hi Carlos,
I use more than 2 years the calendar on Mac and iOS devices. Just configure the calDAV (and cardDAV for contacts) and run!
I suppose that there is no problem also for Android devices.


So cool!
Do you know if there is a way to configure webdav for the files as well?

Here you can find a lot of informations on setting up calDAV on Mac and iOS. Same for contacts but select cardDAV.

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Hi Carlos,
the cal & card are running on webDAV protocols, I have no idea why the webDAV for Files is not implemented.
Runbox is offering the possibility to purchase more Files space but without webDAV is useless. FTP only!

Are you considering allowing synchronizing with Google contacts? Those of us with Android phones have many services (phone, email addresses, SMS, ect) linked to our Google contacts. It would be nice to have the ability to either automatically (scheduled) or manually sync Google contacts with Runbox contacts to eliminate the need to enter contacts twice or update in two places.

Sorry if I am off base or off topic. Is there carddav that I could use on my iphone? I have been searching but not having much luck. I was hoping to sync between my phone and my computer…

Yes, most phone calendars have an ability to sync with carddav – I do that myself :­)

The apps themselves vary from phone to phone, what are you using?

I have an iphone. Do you know what the settings are? I am using the regular Mail app unless you have any suggestions of a different one. Thanks

@rgrscar We have a set up guide for the iPhone here

Let us know if you have any problems here (but don’t post account specific details) or get in touch with Support if you need to. Thank you.

Hi Dave,
I had this all set before with the iphone but can you help me with contacts? Is there a carddav server for runbox?

We do have a CardDAV server in testing, but it doesn’t yet sync contacts from the Runbox webmail. This is something we are working on for the new Runbox 7 interface. If you want to try CardDAV on its own, then you can use the server and your usual username and password in the Contacts app.

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This is what I was looking for thanks. Any caldav out there too? Not a big deal if not.

We do have CalDAV on the same server at if you want to try that. There is no web interface yet, but it is coming :slight_smile:

I’ve been using CalDAV at Runbox without any problems. Eager to try out the CardDAV.

Google’s Contact Sync API is not “standard”, and I don’t really see Runbox going down that path. Just my assumption. The way they (Google) provide contact details is very difficult to work with, and it would just cause more problems than it solves, I think. You may want to consider an alternative contacts app that uses standard sync technologies, and then this would blend with Runbox seamlessly.