Pros and Cons so far

Hi guys,
I use Runbox daily since April 2019, so it’s almost 3-years now.
I came from (mainly) Gmail… I was really fed up because of lack of privacy.
The main aim for me was to find a good solution ad a fair price and I moved to Runbox.
So far, I’m very happy about privacy, spam, service stability, aliases and many other things, so, thank you for all the good stuff.
Besides that, I must admit that I don’t like both Runbox 6 and Runbox 7 as web interfaces, and I encounter several hiccups trying to do things I was used to with Gmail.
At the moment, I’m struggling because of the lack of labels (already pointed out quite a while ago in this forum) and the general UI of Runbox 7 is sub par imho. In addition, some html mail simply won’t show up at all, importing the address book from gmail was a total pain, and I found difficult to perform some actions in general.
Despite all of that, I’m now continue using Runbox both for personal and for professional purposes.
I really hope the UI of Runbox 7 will be significantly updated.
Thanks @Geir and @Dave for all the hard work. Hope we will see a significant improvement soon.



I no longer have faith that it will ever be alright with RB7. What does this development all cost? RB6 is from the web 1.0 era and very outdated. Better to revive Roundcube. Within an hour installed and no worry about updates and features. Then they can focus on making their backend better (IMAP/POP down for more than 11 hours on Feb. 5th).

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I agree - bring back Roundcube!

Thank you for your comments!

After a period of expansive development resulting in a lot of new features, we are currently in an intensive bug fixing phase working hard to streamline the Runbox 7 interface.

We have organized this phase into several “quality” milestones over the next few weeks and months as seen here:

All the issues mentioned here in the forum should have corresponding issues on Github that we are working to resolve, but we would in particular be interested in more details about the UI being “sub par”.

We are of course aware of some aforementioned aspects relating to this, but the more opinions and discussions we can generate the better positioned we will be to make Runbox 7 the best email interface possible.

Runbox has never had a cookie-cutter approach to email and service development, as our goal since the very beginning has always been to innovate and find better solutions than the existing status quo.

Ready-made solutions such as Roundcube may appear attractive, but they would severely limit our offering and flexibility in developing exciting features and functionality. Additionally, a custom-built UI can be integrated with related services such as identities, calendaring, task management, file storage, email/domain hosting, settings, payment, and admin functionality, and a number of features we are planning for the future.

You can find more background for the Runbox 7 project via our Roadmap here in the forum.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and support, and can assure you that we are focusing our resources towards improving Runbox 7 to a level you will be satisfied and impressed with. :slight_smile:

– Geir