Recent Runbox 7 updates

Here we will regularly list recent changes to Runbox 7 in chronological order.

The format of the list is: Type of change (item): A short description of the change.

A full changelog can be seen directly in the app at

Changes since 2020-05-20

  1. New feature (webmail): Highlight currently “opened” email in mail list
  2. Bugfix (webmail): Fix up/down navigation in maillist
  3. Bugfix (webmail): Close mailviewer when email is deleted via multi-select operation
  4. Bugfix (webmail): Don’t “check” emails in folder view unless actually clicking on the checkbox
  5. Bugfix (webmail): Display selected-mail operations whenever more than one message is selected
  6. Bugfix (messagetable): Display time instead of the date for messages received after midnight
  7. Bugfix (mailviewer): Store message list view settings in browser
  8. Bugfix (mailviewer): Grow HTML view to proper size right away
  9. Bugfix (contacts): Make sure we’re not adding duplicate contacts to groups
  10. Visual fix (mailviewer): Increase the minimal width of canvastable columns
  11. Visual fix (welcome): Add note about how to return to Welcome Desk.
  12. Visual fix (welcome): Make Welcome Desk a flexbox. Use routerlinks where applicable.
  13. Visual fix (mailviewer): Increase the minimal width of canvastable columns
  14. Bugfix (styling): Fix breakpoints for iPad Pro
  15. Bugfix (compose): Ensure we can forward emails with no To or Subject
  16. New feature (login): Add password reset link to login window
  17. Bugfix (canvastable): Make it possible to open email from the bottom of the screen
  18. New feature (login): Add password reset link to login window
  19. Visual fix (login): More modern look to the login window

We would like to thank everyone who have contributed here in the forum and on Github
– you are helping us make Runbox 7 better!

– Geir


You guys fixed one of the things that has been driving me crazy forever!!! You can now view a message in the preview pain and delete messages by selecting them and clicking the delete button. Thank you!!

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Hi @Geir, well really looks like you have addressed a lot of problems. Thanks for that. Will look at it later today. One point that I raised with @Dave is why could you not put the version number of RB7 on the login page to encourage people, who may still be using RB6 by default, to look at the latest updates?

Hi @Geir, I have had a look now, don’t understand what point 3. Bugfix is? Guess I never came across this. Now anyway it closes the preview pane whether you delete the current displayed email via the previews pane menu or via the check box and associated menu - so that makes sense to me. Also I see that when you select the current or several emails by checking boxes you now get the two menu’s displayed - the one at the top of the preview pane and the one for check box selection. This looks a mess and I assume this is just some interim development - otherwise wouldn’t a better option be to close the current preview pane when a any checkbox is selected?

Also drag and drop move email to other folder no longer works on my system - visually it looks as before but does not actually do anything. No big deal for me as I am happy to move emails by alternative means.

Regards, John

Hi @Geir, just checked out point 7. Bugfix (mailviewer): Store message list view settings in browser. If you are referring to RB7 storing the preview pane user configuration - eg user sets preference as horizontal preview pane, then this is not working on my system same as before. But possibly you are talking about something else.

Regard, John

@JohnTowler Good idea. The front page itself is still part of Runbox 6 and unaware of Runbox 7 versioning, but we’re adding a link to this forum page in the News section on the front page to make it easier for visitors to find recent updates.

– Geir

@JohnTowler Thanks for the comments!

Bugfix #3 above makes any open message that is selected among one or more other messages close when those messages are deleted. This is sensible as presumably deleting a message implies it’s no longer of interest and should disappear from view.

When selecting one or more messages in the list, the message action menu to the right is displayed in addition to the menu shown in the opened message. We are evaluating the position of the former to make this distinction clearer.

I could not reproduce the issue with drag and drop of messages. If you are still experiencing problems with this, please start a separate thread.

Both the settings for the messages list and the preview pane should now be stored locally and be preserved despite logging out and closing/restarting the browser as long as offline website data are not removed. If you are still experiencing problems with this, please start a separate thread with further details about your system/browser.

– Geir

Changes since 2020-06-03

  1. Bugfix (webmail): Make sure the URL fragment updates after closing an email
  2. Bugfix (webmail): Prefer contact recipients over searchindex recipients
  3. Bugfix (webmail): Visually scroll the message list when using the up/down keys
  4. Bugfix (contacts): Contact updates now appear in compose window directly after update/addition
  5. Bugfix (webmail): Update contacts cache separately from search index contacts
  6. Refactor (compose): Remove dead code / simplify code
  7. Test (e2e): Ensure localSearchPromptDisplayed is set upon closing the dialog
  8. Test (webmail): Adapt test to new structure. Prefer contacts over searchindex

Hi @Geir, thanks for addressing my two comments. I do not get you point about “front page” being RB6 and unaware of RB7. We are talking about the page you get when you go to right? So it has link to RB7 right? So it’s all just html. So what is stopping you putting the version number - even if you have to change the html by hand to include the latest version number this is hardly an arduous task I would have thought.

“Both the settings for the messages list and the preview pane should now be stored locally” That may be true but I suspect that if you set up tight security on firefox - as described in my thread “cookie issues”, that for some reason the site data does not get updated unless you go through procedures I describe. It may even be a firefox issue.

As regards drag and drop not working. My system is Ubuntu, so I don’t think it will be that interesting for most users. And as I said, it’s not an issue for me, I was just pointing it out to you.

Regards, @JohnTowler

Hi, is there a way to disable the new feature that suggests “Recently used” recipients directly under the “To” line? I find this to be a very dangerous UI decision, which makes it appear like those suggested E-mail addresses are already recipients. Which has given me cause to panic on several occasions because I definitely don’t want all those people receiving the same E-mails!

I believe the change is this one I’m talking about, but I’m not 100% sure:

  • compose: Show recently used recipients under input forms
  • (10 Jun 2020, change fdc5fc5)

It seems to me like that functionality would be better served by the “Popular recipients” tab on the left of the screen.


Hi @ps99 and thanks for your feedback.

We already have an issue addressing this here:

– Geir

Ah, excellent, glad to hear it.


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I thought this was an interesting (cool) feature. Maybe put a symbol next to the “To” with a bubble note that would say display recent recipients. It was confusing how it was implemented, but it has potential.

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Changes since 2020-06-13

  1. New feature (compose): Compose now accepts pasting email lists recipients
  2. Bug fixes (common): Fix edge-case email address (list) parsing
  3. Bug fixes (compose): Different positions for action buttons for mobile and desktop
  4. Bug fixes (compose): Push draft action buttons further apart
  5. Bug fixes (webmail): Only recount folder unread counts after content change
  6. New feature (webmail): Reset search when switching folders
  7. Bug fixes (compose): Make layout more responsive
  8. New feature (webmail): Add a list of popular email recipients to the sidebar
  9. Bug fixes (compose): Update recipient suggests whenever searchindex is updated
  10. New feature (multiple_msg_unread): Replace endpoint that marks multiple messages as unread/unflag
  11. Bug fixes (compose): Update angular deprecated recommendations
  12. Bug fixes (mark_multiple_msgs): Update before the request is completed
  13. Bug fixes (mark_multiple_messages): Try to use to fix e2e errors
  14. Bug fixes (compose): Make sure suggested contacts are shown with their names
  15. Bug fixes (compose): Make sure we can still drag and drop suggestions to CC/BCC and have them show up
  16. Bug fixes (compose): Reload CC and BCC contents properly
  17. New feature (compose): Allow drag-and-drop for suggested contacts
  18. New feature (compose): Keep feeding the suggestion list after some contacts are selected
  19. Bug fixes (webmail): Make switching to the current folder a no-op
  20. Bug fixes (compose): Show only one suggestions bar per compose window
  21. Bug fixes (compose): Make sure profiles are loaded correctly regardless of races
  22. Bug fixes (compose): Cope with reply-to field in new TO format
  23. Bug fixes (compose): Ensure we cope with CC/BCC emails containing a comma
  24. Bug fixes (compose): Re-add code lost in cherry picking/merging
  25. Bug fixes (compose): Cope with replying to emails where From name contains a comma

@Geir, OK well glad you are keeping on top of all this. Will check out RB7 today. If you keep posting these changes (log?) will give me a reason to take a look at RB7. Thanks for your efforts.

Er - just took at look at RB7 and still has the same mark unread/toggle unread bug just as before - except worse, because now cannot apply to multiple emails at all. Dave, I’m cc’ing you into this by way of adding your name here @Dave.

@JohnTowler Thanks for the feedback.

We have been discussing the mark read/unread functionality further in this Github issue which you might be interested in:

I have increased the priority of this issue now.

– Geir

@Geir I wanted to clear up something about Contact in RB7. Contacts in RB7 are now in CardDAV format. So you can import from RB6 but RB6 and RB7 contacts are now in effect separate - e.g. if you create a new contacts in RB6 it will not exist in RB7 unless you import it anew. Have I understood this correctly?

Hi, pretty much. There was a change to this recently, and RB6 contacts are now imported automatically whenever they’re noticed – you don’t need to click anything manually.

After they’ve been imported, however, they remain separate – so any updates to existing RB6 contacts will not be picked up by Runbox7 (and vice-versa).

@Geir, something I posted to someone else:

you can already copy to the clipboard just like you can copy most any text in any application. Just highlight the sender email (I just clicked on it, but you may have to drag the mouse), then press ctrl+c or right click the mouse and choose copy. And voila it’s in your clipboard. You can then just create a new contact and paste in the email. One caveat - copied email address seems to have a leading space, not sure if this will cause a problem or not - I just deleted it. @Dave and @Geir you might want to look at this.

Any comment on the leading space, will this create and issue?