Recent Runbox 7 updates

@tadzik, @Geir, @Dave, my contacts were not imported automatically as you advise - so not sure what is going on there. Also because these are now separate for RB6 and RB7 that means people like myself, who rely on RB6 until you have sorted out the bugs in RB7 will have life made a little harder if we want to occasionally look at RB7 to see how things are progressing.

Well this will be the last post from me and I will no longer be providing any feedback on RB7 as I am wasting my time. You are adding all these features to RB7 before you have sorted out several bugs which persist. One has to ask if these are the bugs one can see what about bugs we can’t see. Will there turn out to be security flaws in RB7?

You have added stuff like indexing which is not part of RB7 which maybe has security implications, I don’t know but it does not fill be with confidence. I think you added indexing in order to claim RB7 is the “fastest email in the world” or something like that. I can’t find that claim now but it used to be there. Just as well as it is pretty bombastic to say the least. Just to quote Shakespeare, you are in danger of being hoisted by your own petard.

So my subscription runs out end of the year and unless these bugs have been fixed I will be moving to one of your competitors. It’s a sad thing for me to say this. I like runbox mostly because the servers are located in Norway, which seems one of the more secure locations. So if you ever come up with a decent bit of software I may come back.

Good luck with you endeavors, @JohnTowlerr

@JohnTowler We are happy to investigate your contacts import in order to figure out what the problem might be. We considered full two-way migration support for contacts between Runbox 6 and 7, but this would have required significantly more time invested in Runbox 6 that is better spent improving Runbox 7.

Our overarching goal remains to make Runbox 7 the best and fastest webmail application available, enabling email users to manage their email and their digital lives more efficiently.

This vision and our motives are laid out on our website, and are not intended as the weapon implied by the Shakespeare quote – on the contrary, our mission is to facilitate efficient communication between people in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

Runbox 7 is the vehicle that will realize this vision, and its development entails both a host of new features as well as bug fixes to existing ones. One important dimension of this project is experimentation, which is a fundamental aspect of any successful company.

The reason for this is that research and development is essentially an evolutionary process in itself, and it is impossible to predict with absolute certainty the success of a given feature. Therefore we are deliberately dedicating a relatively small portion of our time to experimentation, which we are confident will contribute to a better service.

We are evaluating and adjusting this balance frequently, and since we started including a changelog in Runbox 7 in October 2019 we have implemented:

  • 205 bug fixes
  • 91 new features
  • 35 visual changes

We appreciate that there are many improvements yet to be made and still bugs left to fix, and that we may not yet have had the chance to attend sufficiently to those you have raised.

However, our rate of development and frequency of deployments is increasing, and we are continuously adjusting our priorities based on feedback from active and engaged users like yourself.

The local index in Runbox 7 was a core feature from the very beginning of the project, and remains an essential (but optional) part of the engine that powers the webmail app. Great care has been taken to ensure Runbox 7 processes data securely, and there is generally no reason to believe that data stored locally on your own device would be any less secure than a server.

We continue working towards our goal with dedication and a steadily growing team, and are confident that Runbox 7 will reach a level that will surpasses that of our competitors.

– Geir

Hi Geir,
I love Runbox 7 but I understand some frustration from the users.
I use Runbox 7 daily, but I have other email account and I feel some features are lacking or are not very well developed.
My main concerns are:

  1. Folder management is not very good (as mentioned earlier), mainly because there’s no way to notice an unread email in a subfolder without expanding/collapsing all the subfolder root structure, since the unread counter only refers to the mail inside a particular folder, ignoring the mails in the relative subfolders.
  2. There’s no way to categorize mails apart from using folders. This is a bit frustrating partly because of point n.1 and partly because I often need to categorize the same mail in 2 or more distinct sets. For example, an email from a friend containing an invoice related to an upcoming trip. I will be happy to ‘flag’ this particular mail in a ‘Friend’ basket, but also in an ‘Invoce’ basket and in a ‘Holiday’ basket.
    This is easily doable with Gmail labels, but impossible with Runbox 7.
  3. I also have problems importing contacts. The process is not very user friendly and it still lacks the .csv compatibility
  4. I often need to refresh my browser page if I change something (i.e. if I move a folder)
  5. I often need to manually change the window layout in order to read emails.
  6. Filters cannot be chained with booleans, so there’s no easy way to program actions requiring multiple events to be triggered.
  7. In general, Runbox 7 seems buggy on latest Firefox release.

Despite all of the above, I’m still happy with your service, because I know and feel it also has lots of very nice features, and I’m not considering migrating to other services atm.
But I hope some of those issues/lack of functions will be solved soon.



@ilcieco Thanks for the detailed feedback and apologies for the belated response.

Let me reply to each item individually:

  1. We have an existing issue regarding showing folder counts for collapsed subfolders here:

  2. We have opened a separate issue here for implementing tag/label functionality, to emphasize this separately from the Roadmap:

  3. We have recently made improvements to the Contacts interface, and an issue for non-VCF file import can be found here: @tadzik may be able to offer more insight here.

  4. An issue for the need to reload the page in order to show recently created folders can be found here:

  5. Can you be more specific about how the window layout needs to be changed? Perhaps you can create a new topic for this, or even an issue on Github.

  6. An upgrade to the Filters screen is on our Roadmap, and we will then consider expanding it with functionality to add multiple criteria to individual filters.

  7. We have made a large number of improvements recently, which will be posted in this thread shortly.

Thank you for the kind words and for your continued support. We are working hard to resolve the remaining issues, and we are adjusting our priorities based on feedback here in the forum.

Comments not specifically about updates in this thread are best done in separate topics. We especially appreciate feedback on bugs or requests that are not already listed on Github:

– Geir

Changes since 2020-07-10

  1. New feature (app): Implement indicators for multipart background activities
  2. New feature (contacts): Add background activity indicator
  3. Bugfix (mailviewer): React to avatar settings as soon as they change
  4. New feature (contacts): Add a tooltip to picture upload button if gravatars are disabled
  5. Bugfix (contacts): Hide pictures in contact details if they’re disabled
  6. Bugfix (identitys): make main identity email field read only
  7. New feature (contacts): Add avatar settings to Contacts settings
  8. Visual fix (compose): Show suggested recipients with light gray background. (#693)
  9. Bugfix (webmail): Redraw folders properly after new item completed.
  10. Bugfix (contacts): Scroll details to top when new contact is selected
  11. New feature (contacts): Add settings to adjust avatar use in the app
  12. New feature (mailviewer): Use pictures from contacts when available
  13. New feature (contacts): Allow uploading/deleting contact pictures
  14. New feature (contacts): Show pictures/gravatars on contact details page
  15. New feature (mailviewer): Show gravatars when available
  16. Visual fix (webmail): Add a tooltip for webmail settings button
  17. Bugfix (webmail): Make sure we can still use saved searches when no folder is selected
  18. Bugfix (contacts): Make contacts draggable again
  19. Bugfix (webmail): Fix switching folders not working in some cases
  20. New feature (contacts): Add hints to columns indicating what they’re for when they’re empty
  21. Visual fix (contacts): Minor layout fixes to contactlist
  22. Visual fix (contacts): Make the 3-column layout more rigid
  23. Bugfix (contacts): Fix a template crash when deleted contacts exist as group members
  24. Visual fix (calendar-app): Side-nav menu styles fix
  25. Visual fix (contacts-app): Side-nav menu styles fix
  26. Bugfix (contacts): Make contactlist scroll independently of contact details
  27. New feature (webmail): Show folder count for drafts
  28. New feature (webmail): Add webmail settings, allowing the disabling of popular recipients
  29. Visual fix (webmail): Move message action menu to middle column
  30. Visual fix (compose): Differentiate “Recently used” from recipients
  31. Visual fix (compose): Differentiate “Recently used” from recipients
  32. Bugfix (compose): From-specific reply-to addresses saved/stored if setup
  33. New feature (contacts): Add a way to edit group members from the group page in mobile view

Changes since 2020-08-06

  1. Bugfix (webmail): Update local (non-index) folder counts on refresh
  2. New feature (login): Set inputmode to show email and numeric keyboards on mobile as appropriate
  3. New feature (webmail): Always show popular recipients component if enabled, even with no local index
  4. Bugfix (account): Redirect domain renewals to domain registration app
  5. Bugfix (webmail): Ensure folder counts are updated after read/unread
  6. New feature (webmail): Change icons and tooltips when a message is deleted from trash
  7. New feature (compose): Add debug logs for measuring impact of recipient loading
  8. New feature (folder): Speed up folder size calculations
  9. New feature (webmail): Separate read/unread, flag/unflag in multi-menu
  10. Bugfix (menu): Hide account security until its backend issues are resolved
  11. Bugfix (mailviewer): Load mailpane status (vert/horiz) on page load
  12. Bugfix (compose): Set focus in textarea for replies
  13. Bugfix (contacts-app): Correct filtering options background color
  14. Bugfix (contacts-app): Fix positioning of email contact icon
  15. Bugfix (contacts-app): Make middle column width adjust to its content
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Happy to report that this batch of fixes addressed most of my webmail interface woes, namely the annoying unread counters not updating. There’s just a slight but acceptable delay, making the performance matching the good looks!
Still, when logging in, once deleted messages still pop up on the inbox list as unread for a couple of seconds; the unread counter updates (increases) acorrdingly, then they disappear (back to the trash bin, I guess), the unread counter updating again (decreasing) accordingly.
No idea why this happens, but at least, after that brief glitch, it sorts itself out and both the unread counter and inbox list end up correct.
Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the feedback @ricman – glad to hear Runbox 7 is working better for you after the recent updates!

Are you using the local index when you observe the adjusting message counters? If not we would be interested in knowing how Runbox 7 performs with a synchronized local index.

– Geir

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Yes, I guess I’m using the local index and the initial sync when I log in (I usually wipe the cache, cookies, site permissions et al. when I close the browser, Firefox or Vivaldi). However, if after the inbox and counters look as expected and I click on “Stop synchronization” and click again on the “Synchronize index”, the same once deleted messages pop up, the unread counter updates accordingly, the messages disappear again but this time the unread counter doesn’t update, still indicating the number of the new/deleted messages, when the inbox is empty… Logging out an in again repeats the events as described on my previous post.

@ricman Apologies for the belated reply to your message.

When you stop and restart index synchronization, a base index will be downloaded from the server. Since this depends on indexers running on our servers where a large number of incoming messages are continuously being processed, the index may not be entirely up to date and will therefore be automatically synchronized with your actual folder contents once it has been downloaded to your device.

We generally recommend not deleting the local index from your device in order to keep it synchronized at all times, but this depends on your security preferences.

– Geir

Changes since 2020-08-29

  1. New feature (identities): Order From entries by priority
  2. New feature (dkim): Add a note about selector2 and when it will become active
  3. New feature (account security): Improve password validation and error messages on Account Security to avoid confusion
  4. New feature (dialog): Allow submitting dialogs with Enter/Return key
  5. Bugfix (canvastable): Make sort icons show actual sorting direction
  6. New feature (webmail): add a way to save and reuse searches
  7. Visual fix (app): Remove obsolete instances of mat-icons
  8. Bugfix (startdesk): Fix linter and policy errors
  9. Bugfix (folders): Improve folder count reliability in some edge cases
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Changes since 2020-09-25

  1. Bug fixes (account security): Total number of cols is 6 and not 7
  2. New feature (account): Add a way to view sub-accounts associated with a product
  3. New feature (account security): Add missing main app password toggle
  4. Bug fixes (account security): List FTP last on services
  5. New feature (account security): Update last logins labels. show success/fail insteac of 1/0
  6. New feature (account security): Hide account security access control
  7. Bug fixes (account security: Suppress always block button
  8. Bug fixes (mailviewer): Show missing From content when not using local index
  9. Visual changes (payment): Remove 20th Anniversary special offer promotion.
  10. Bug fixes (account): Invert the condition checking for the limited time offer
  11. Bug fixes (account-timer): Make sure RunboxTimer is always properly initialized
  12. Bug fixes (webmail): Fix URL navigation
  13. Bug fixes (cart): Allow purchases (with warnings) even if unavailable products are in the cart
  14. New feature (mailviewer): Add select-all option for selecting messages
  15. Bug fixes (contacts, calendar): Warn user on incorrect import file types
  16. Bug fixes (mailviewer): Stop select-all-menu from jamming
  17. Bug fixes (cart): Fix an exception upon viewing an empty cart
  18. Bug fixes (cart): Fix a cart bug when two separate, identical products appear in it
  19. Bug fixes (calendar): Editing an item displays the correct times
  20. Visual changes (payment): Add 20th Anniversary special offer promotion.
  21. Bug fixes (account security): Don’t display bottom pane “invalid password” msg
  22. Bug fixes (start): Comment out panel mockups from the view
  23. Bug fixes (webmail): Select loaded row url correctly on refresh
  24. New feature (account security): Update account security menu link
  25. Bug fixes (account security): Use routerLink in the account security link
  26. Bug fixes (account): Don’t require Micro accounts to purchase addons for own domain usage

Changes since 2020-11-11

  1. New feature (usage): Add usage stats for tracking the popularity of components/settings
  2. Bug fixes (app): Hide the overview button if no local index is available
  3. Bug fixes (mailviewer): Fix disappearing mail viewer menu
  4. New feature (webmail): Integrate startdesk as a webmail “folder”
  5. Bug fixes (recursive_dynamic_builder): Lint errors fix
  6. Bug fixes (startdesk): Remove timeperiod-specific wording
  7. Visual changes (start): Fix breakpoints for mobile
  8. Visual changes (start): Condense layout in heading area
  9. Visual changes (start): Move section title to the top bar for mobile
  10. Visual changes (start): Clean up and remove unused code
  11. Visual changes (start): Remove heading and adjust the space in top area
  12. Bug fixes (calendar): Ensure we show recurring events correctly color-tagged
  13. New feature (builder): Remove unused var
  14. New feature (builder): Runbox dynamic builder research
  15. New feature (startdesk): Implement folder selectors
  16. New feature (start): Add folder selector.
  17. Visual changes (startdesk): Make folder selector a little more bearable on mobile
  18. Bug fixes (start): Fix case sensitivity for address matching
  19. Visual changes (start): Improve responsivity for mobile screens
  20. Bug fixes (contacts): Only sync once during import of many contacts
  21. New feature (sentry): Include user data in error reports
  22. Bug fixes (account_security): Fix modal typo s/reasions/reasons/
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Changes since 2020-12-20

  1. New feature (usage): Add usage stats for tracking the popularity of components/settings
  2. Bug fixes (app): Hide the overview button if no local index is available
  3. Bug fixes (mailviewer): Fix disappearing mail viewer menu
  4. Bug fixes (mailviewer): Delete trash more efficiently (with less errors)
  5. New feature (account): Make transactions page usable on mobile
  6. Visual changes (account): Move the shopping cart icon to the toolbar in mobile
  7. Visual changes (account): Improve the cart listing on mobile screens
  8. Visual changes (account): Make product cards more responsive
  9. Bug fixes (canvastable): Be a bit more lenient when detecting message selection Visual changes (account): Make payment methods more responsive
  10. Visual changes (account): Improve payment form responsiveness
  11. Visual changes (account-security): Make section toggles lay out better
  12. Visual changes (account-security): Make HTML code formatting consistent
  13. Visual changes (account-security): Improve layout responsiveness for TOTP
  14. Visual changes (account-security): Improve responsiveness of trusted browser entry
  15. Visual changes (account-security): Replace trusted browsers table
  16. Visual changes (account-security): Make Services table more mobile-friendly
  17. Visual changes (account-security): Don’t wrap dates in Trusted Browsers table
  18. Visual changes (account-security): Fix minor alignment issue in trusted browser
  19. Visual changes (account-security): Fix name and mobile alignment for the status
  20. Visual changes (account-security): Make app passwords usable on mobile
  21. Visual changes (mobilequery): Allow for phone/tablet/desktop layouts
  22. Visual changes (profiles): Make Identities page mobile friendly
  23. Visual changes (profiles): Reposition warning message and make it more visible
  24. Visual changes (profiles): Make editor modal mobile friendly
  25. Bug fixes (searchservice): Fix test failures that Angular 10 uncovered
  26. Bug fixes (mailviewer): Remove an excessive icon description
  27. New feature (account): Integrate account security in the account sidemenu
  28. New feature (account): Include identities in the account settings sidemenu
  29. New feature (webmail): Monitor users’ local index dialog decision
  30. Bug fixes (compose): Always set a reply to when the “From” changes
  31. Bug fixes (tinymce_spellcheck): fixes issue 480 where TinyMCE intercept right-click and breaks spell check
  32. Bug fixes (tinymce): Make icons load again
  33. New feature (identity): Make main identity editable
  34. Bug fixes (calendar): Ensure events are displayed chronologically
  35. New feature (webmail): Track instances of index removal
  36. Bug fixes (contacts): Improve error strictness/messaging on contacts import
  37. Visual changes (account-security): Fix responsivity, add last-logins table
  38. Visual changes (account-security): Add Sessions table for mobile
  39. Bug fixes (account-app): Fix a typo in Subscriptions
  40. Visual changes (account): Change font formatting for more minimal look
  41. New feature (app): Redirect standalone identities and accountsecurity
  42. New feature (payments): Disable Bitpay payment option

Changes since 2021-03-01

  1. Bug fixes (account): Make sure sub-accounts can access account security and other not payment related paths
  2. New feature (onscreen): Hide onscreen behind the Konami code
  3. New feature (onscreen): Basic Jitsi integration
  4. New feature(overview): Add usage tracking to Overview
  5. Visual changes (onscreen): Positioning adjustments
  6. Visual changes (payment): Replace cryptocurrency logo and improve formatting.

Basic Jitsi integration? What can we expect to see in R7 in regard to this new feature?

@smithmb001 Apologies for the late reply.

With the Jitsi integration Runbox 7 is expanding into synchronous communication and now includes a video conferencing prototype integrated into the app.

By entering the secret code you can access this prototype, which is currently in an early testing phase.

We still have some work to do on the integration, but the Jitsi functionality itself works well and we are currently using it for internal communication and testing.

We would be interested in your feedback on this new and exciting Runbox feature. :slight_smile:

– Geir

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Changes since 2021-03-31

  1. Bug fix (mailviewer): Maintain selected messages when new mail appears
  2. Bug fix (mailviewer): Sent folder now ignores “unread only” setting
  3. Bug fix (mailviewer): Calculate threaded count properly (was missing)
  4. Bug fix (profiles): Add warning if user reached maximum number of aliases
  5. Bug fix (profiles): Remove alias count from identities page
  6. Bug fix (profiles): Add links to alias management
  7. Bug fix (profiles): Remove the ability to delete aliases in identities page
  8. Bug fix (account): Add a redirect for the old /components path
  9. Bug fix (canvastable): Make inline message previews work again
  10. Bug fix (credit-cards): Make error popups messages more informative
  11. New feature (dev): Add a demo for activity indicator
  12. New feature (dev): Add a demo for the loading indicator
  13. New feature (account): Add a way to add a new credit card to account
  14. New feature (account_security): Create and show an unlock code when enabling 2FA in Runbox 7
  15. Bug fix (calendar): Remove some excessive logging from calendar-app

I’d be happy to test it out. No worries about the late reply. We are all extremely busy. It’s nice to see you guys adding lots of new features to Runbox.

Changes since 2021-04-26

Showing commits from 8391ef5 to 5e295b3.

See for the complete and categorized changelog.

  1. Visual changes (header): Condensed header using less vertical space. (8391ef5)
  2. Visual changes (account-security): Remove header styles and make toggle switches darker. (5333f7e)
  3. Visual changes (header): Add descriptions on hover. (c3df28a)
  4. Visual changes (security): Enlarge toggles and improve formatting. (bf79d72)
  5. Visual changes (security): Enlarge only section header toggles. (e45ff49)
  6. Visual changes (header): Show menu titles on hover. (4fd2eed)
  7. Bug fix (settings): Add hints for password input, and dialog modal (6b31621)
  8. Bug fix (account_security): account security unlock code modal is missing material css (cda4e05)
  9. Bug fix (mailviewer): Calculate threaded count properly (was missing) (e97a974)
  10. Bug fix (mailviewer): Sent folder now ignores “unread only” setting (7958c82)
  11. Visual changes (header): Adjust menu item placement. (4f4d6f2)
  12. New feature (support): Added bug report button with a compose template (#951) (67f6288)
  13. Bug fix (compose): Ensure draftdesk froms are updated when edited (05cf223)
  14. Visual changes (header): Add effects for logo and Subscribe link. (d8e1203)
  15. New feature (help): New Help Center with common help destinations. (39137b5)
  16. Visual changes (settings): Replace missing icons. (#968) (54c4efe)
  17. Visual changes (settings): Rename Card Details to Payment Cards (6fe5f70)
  18. Visual changes (settings): Rename Transactions to Payment History (b68ae69)
  19. Visual changes (settings): Rename “Active Products and Renewals” to “Your Subscriptions” (e9bf5b6)
  20. New feature (settings): Merge “Main Account Plans” and “Add-ons & Sub-Accounts” into “Plans & Upgrades” (9bae710)
  21. Visual changes (settings): Change order of the Subscriptions menu (ca9ed54)
  22. Visual changes (settings): Rename “Subscriptions” to “Subscriptions & Payments” (c353720)
  23. Internal changes (settings): Remove Addons component (c12a5fe)
  24. Internal changes (settings): Fix integration tests (25df41c)
  25. refator(settings): Fix HTML formatting (2dfe4b5)
  26. Visual changes (settings): Make the cards wider for the titles to fit (0d43870)
  27. Internal changes (app): clear unused imports (950cd7b)
  28. Visual changes (header): Adjust transitions and clean up code. (4604abd)
  29. Bug fix (account): make account URLs work under prefix again (9111b9b)
  30. Visual changes (header): Improve gradient and positioning. (34c96aa)
  31. Visual changes (header): Replace Account icon and add Subscribe/Renew icon. (4b22a93)
  32. Bug fix (mailview): Ensure we update everything when deleting messages (d119bf8)
  33. Internal changes (mailactions): Ensure we update UI first then backend (4221fc5)
  34. Bug fix (mailviewer): Remove “ExpressionChanged” issue with fragment handling (046c0af)
  35. Bug fix (mailviewer): Delete messages from messagelist too (before backend) (980409c)
  36. Internal changes (mailviewer): Update actions to update local view then backend (c94cf63)
  37. Internal changes (searchservice): Ensure all tests catch the deletedmessages call (4ff7972)
  38. Internal changes (calendar): Ensure cal test works at beginning of month too (9a3dfae)
  39. Bug fix (settings): Fix URLs pointing to Plans & Upgrades (950c6e0)
  40. Bug fix (settings): Fix URLs pointing to Payment History (e7486f7)
  41. Bug fix (settings): Fix URLs pointing to Your Subscriptions (fd07b3d)
  42. Internal changes (settings): Fix URLs for tests (0cf90ee)
  43. Bug fix (welcome): Fix ‘mat-icon’ is not a known element error. (2a838c8)
  44. Bug fix (help): Fix ‘mat-icon’ is not a known element error. (4c4c643)
  45. Bug fix (help): Remove unnecessary code. (f21bae0)
  46. Bug fix (menu): Fix Settings URL (62f0ed9)
  47. Bug fix (changelog): Make changelog more resilient against our tech debt (410c597)
  48. Internal changes (e2e): TODO e2e tests that fail in headless mode (1d37a79)
  49. Internal changes (app): remove unused imports, fixing the scrict build (2906cca)
  50. Bug fix (bug-report): Improve content and formatting of template. (c28f15f)
  51. Bug fix (bug-report): Add name to recipient address and remove line breaks in template. (5e295b3)
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