Runbox 6 vs. Runbox 7 -- Status?

I’m confused: I originally subscribed to the old Runbox forum (, which appears to be exclusively about Runbox 6, which I appear to be still running.

A staff member just approved my account on this forum (same username and password!), which appears to be exclusively about Runbox 7. Correct? I have no idea whether that’s still in Beta or is now released. If released, how do I upgrade to it? If still in Beta, is there any forecast when it will be released?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. – jclarkw2

The emaildiscussions forum is just that - it’s not a Runbox forum.

There is one section of that forum dedicated to Runbox, and many people have contributed over the years, including Runbox employees.

Don’t confuse the two entirely separate forums.

@jclarkw2 Sorry if we caused any confusion with the emails that went out today. They were automated when we made some changes to the forum settings. I’ve posted an explanation here.

As @FredOnline has said, is not a Runbox forum run by us, but we do contribute there from time to time, and have no plans to stop doing so.

Dave and FredOnline – Thanks for the clarification about emaildiscussions. The other questions remain, however:

  1. The Runbox forum on emaildiscussions appears to be devoted exclusively to Runbox 6. Correct?

  2. This forum (, although official, appears to be exclusively about Runbox 7. Correct?

  3. Runbox 7 is still in Beta (for the foreseeable future). Correct?

  4. Is there any forecast when Runbox 7 will be released?

Thanks again for your time. – jclarkw2

  1. The only reason you are not seeing much discussion about Runbox 7 at is because we asked people to discuss it here as it isn’t launched yet. I am sure there will be discussion of Runbox 7 there soon.

  2. The community here is mostly about Runbox 7, but as you can see we are starting to open it up to self sign-up, and also wider discussion about Runbox and email in general.

  3. Yes, Runbox 7 is still in beta.

  4. Soon we are going to make Runbox 7 available more widely. It will still remain in beta for a while, but it will be available for anyone to just access and use.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks, Dave! – jclarkw2