Scroll wheel breaks inbox in Firefox [#957]

I noticed today that using my mouse scroll wheel or my trackpad’s scroll gesture causes the message list area to go blank. Clicking a different folder, e.g. Sent, restores the contents of this section.
Firefox 63.0.3
Windows 10

I could not reproduce this in Chrome 70.0.3538.110.


Hi Aaron,

Yes, I’m seeing the same here. This is definitely new as far as I can tell. I’ve created an issue for it in our internal ticket system [#957].

Fixed now in version 2018-12-09T12:17:12.177Z. (build time/version is seen in the bottom of the left sidemenu).

I had same problem yesterday and I noticed today the screen went blank once then sort of worked with the scrolling being very very slow on the right side with messages. Interesting it works perfectly on the left folder side

Ditto the comment from kenfran… Inbox does not scroll well with mouse wheel input. One must drag bar on right to get anything to happen quickly.

Related to this is the minor irritation that the 5 blue circles top right of main list block ability to grab scroll bar. You have to grab it after causing it to jump down by clicking on an empty part of its track.

Somewhere in my explorations I also had the same experience with the message list area going blank. I believe this is with the latest build, so the problem may go deeper than thought? Sorry I don’t have a specific situation to report for this part.

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As @petersalomonsen said, this issue should now be fixed. You may need to reload the app to see any changes since yesterday. We are aware of the slow scrolling of the message list and will look in to this further.

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Closing this topic as it has been resolved.