Web App Contacts don't sync with existing CardDav Contacts

The topic pretty well says it all, I have been using Runbox CardDav and CalDav very (as in VERY) successfully in various clients, and sort of hoped the CardDav contacts would show up in the WebApp 7 ontacts, they don’t, is that as per design or?
Cheers, Derek

Hi DerekAB!
That’s on a roadmap, and actually already implemented as a prototype: locally and on our dev servers we have a build of RMM7 Contacts using the DAV servers that you’re used to. Currently they’re using the same database as the old webmail, and our plan is to eventually migrate all contacts from our non-DAV database to DAV and then have the contacts app use that.

So: it’s coming, and sooner rather than later :­)

Hi Tadziq,
Perfect, i look forward too, thanks for the quick reply,
Vest regards, Derek

Hi Tadziq, (sorry, rushed too much, corrected reply )
Perfect, I look forward to it, thanks for the quick reply,
Best regards, Derek

Hi Derek,
As of now, the new Contacts+CardDAV have been released so your CardDAV contacts should be showing up in Runbox 7 Contacts too. Let me know if anything’s not right :­)


Hi Tadzik,

OK, this looks very good, like it a lot…

I have a couple of issues;

1a) I have a lot of contacts that are set up with the “Organisation” field only (i.e. company contacts with no specific contact name), no name, this works fine on iMac, iPad and Android devices where the Organisation is used as the contact name, in the Runbox 7 App these show up as just the “envelope” symbol is there is no associated name, which looks strange of course…

1b) in a similar way, I have a whole bunch of contacts who have an “Organisation”, but no email, typically just a phone number, address and web address. These show up as blank lines in the contacts (very confusing)

  1. lastly, I have set up custom groups, again these seems to work fine on all my other platforms, in the Runbox 7 App in Contacts, the group names are there but they seem to be in random places in the contact list? This is of course complicated as unless there are search options for “Sort by Group” and then you need both the ascending and descending options to sort them whichever way you like?

Oh, by the way, as far as I can see I think everything that syncs to my other devices from CardDAV is sort of there, it just doesn’t show as well as one would like!

Let me know if you need any more information

Best regards, Derek Babb

Hi Derek, thanks for the feedback!

Yes, the reason there’s nothing next to the envelope is that it’s trying to show the nickname and the names of contacts. It’s not trying anything else, hence the confusing empty space. I’ll try to put together some sensible fallbacks for contacts like these.

The option to filter contacts by group is coming shortly, hopefully this week :­) It’s not exactly sorting, but hopefully it’ll be good enough in practice: display only group X and then sort by names or so.

I’m glad that they’re working well for you otherwise! They UI still needs some tuning and adjustment, but as you say, they should sync with other devices perfectly fine.

Hi Tadzik,

thanks for the swift reply, looking forward to the updates,

Best regards Derek Babb

I’ve just rolled out the group filtering changes. It still won’t display the contacts with no names though, sorry for that :­/ I’ll try to figure out something sensible before the weekend though :­)