What can I do about CalDav and CardDav on Android devices?


Hi community,

CalDav and CardDav works great on ios. What client can I use on Android devices?


I’m not personally familiar with all the options for Android, but I know a popular app is DavDroid which actually syncs contacts and calendar to the default apps on Android (or any others you choose). It doesn’t have contacts and calendar interfaces itself.


Thank you, Dave. That seems to be the most popular and stable option now.


Hi there, on all our Android devices we have been very successfully using " ContactSync - CardDAV and more" and " CalendarSync - CalDAV and more" they work very well and the support if needed is brilliant. I have been using these on Runbox since CalDAV and CardDAV first became available…

Cheers, Derek

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Thanks for the tip. I have used DavX5 instead after some research and recommendation. What a bummer that Android did not have these by default.

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Hi there.

I am a happy user of DavX5.

Works just fine!


I also use DavX5 and it works fine !

By the way, it is also possible to “copy” all the contacts from one an address book to an other on android.
This way, I was able to copy all my contact from an other davx5 account to runbox account.

Here is a link https://www.davx5.com/faq/existing-contacts-are-not-synced

It can be an alternate way to import your address book to runbox.
If you don’t have too many contacts, it may worth to review a bit the content after such transfert.

If someone know a similar way to copy a calendar to an other one, I’m interested :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing about copying contacts :slight_smile:


Hi there, @saunada - how did you get the account set up on DavX5? I just get the message “Couldn’t find CalDAV or CardDAV service” when I try to set it up.

Grateful for any tips!


Make sure you have turned on ‘WebDav’ under account/account security/manage services.

Then I use a separate APP Password for DavX5 and set this in the account/account security/App passwords window.

Then when you configure you DavX account on your phone make sure you use the correct URL https://dav.runbox.com/

and the password configured in the previous step along with my email address to login (i.e. use the ‘Login with URL and user name’ option in DavX5).

Hope this helps


DAVx5 works great. Have you set up the app password in Runbox security if you are using 2FA?

Did you use dav.runbox.com for Caldav and Carddav servers?

Can you provide some screen shots of your settings?


Thanks both! I think it was the 2FA that was causing problems, set up an app password and that seems to have done the trick :smiley:



Having the same problem, but not sure where the security settings to turn on Webdav in the chromebook is. Unfortunately, I’m not finding it.

Sorry for being so needy, but could you detail the location?


I think you misunderstood. Or I wasn’t clear enough.

You need to log into your runbox account (via the web interface) and then choose account/account security/manage services from your ‘runbox’ account - not your chromeos settings - and go from there.

You are turning on the webdav ‘service’ of your runbox account.

I hope that is clearer.