When should I switch? An Individual, Non-business User

Well, I have been a R6 user for over 2 years. I never migrated to 7 because I don’t do beta. It seems there is no RB7 non-beta planned in the near future. So, it looks like RB7b is the de-facto release. I’m wondering if people would recommend me moving over now. Are there still noticeable glitches in the basic functionality, using gmail features as an example of a normal set of individual user features?

I also wonder if I can get any feedback before RB squelches this one. Also, I will switch if I get 10 recommendations from users.

Must be the hardest question of all…

Hello @gregstorm,

I think it is quite a difficult question to answer because it depends what you are comfortable with. There is nothing stopping you from using Runbox 7 and trying it out for yourself. It isn’t a question of picking one or the other as you can switch between the two interfaces and your mail will be the same in both.

We would be interested in hearing your thoughts about Runbox 7 if you decide to try it out.

Thanks for the feedback. I see a litany of problems reported on the Forum so it makes me hesitant. It’s been such a long wait. I guess I’ll have to wait it out til 7.1 or whatever the actual release will be called. g

Hard question. I tried to stick with RB7 for some time. The UI is more modern and there are no heavy problems. But after some time I often find myself going back to RB6 because some tasks are not well implemented yet (one of them is the read/unread toggle).
It really depends.

Thanks for the reply. After all this time and they don’t have such a simple defect fixed yet. Not encouraging. I think I’ll give them about six more months then decide whether to upgrade or bail. Bailing has to be an option because it will become obvious that they have lost key personnel and are probably trying to sell the whole thing. Two years and six months. Linux was written in less time. g

Which issue is this related to? The read/unread toggle perhaps?

@gregstorm Runbox has been around for a long time and we are steadily growing – and we intend to keep it that way.

Often it’s easier to build software from scratch than to upgrade a running system that has a large customer base, and Runbox 7 easily constitutes our biggest and most ambitious upgrade since the Runbox services were launched.

While we recognize that Runbox 7 isn’t yet complete and that there are issues that need to be resolved, we are excited about where we currently are – and even more so about Runbox 7’s potential going forward.

– Geir

I am a v6 user. I read the forum for v7 and see a lot of problems reported. As I don’t like to use beta products I am waiting for encouragement to upgrade. g

I agree with it all but you Must agree that 2+ years for a beta is a rather long time. g

While we would have like for it to proceed quicker, it’s relatively short compared to Gmail’s 5 years in beta when it was launched. :wink:

Runbox 7 is no less innovative considering the technology behind it, being developed by a significantly smaller team than Google has available.

We are working as hard as we can to fix issues that arise, and improve Runbox 7 to a state where it will be a joy to use for everyone. :smiley:

– Geir

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I get it Geir. Didn’t know about gmail. I am perfectly happy with v6 for now but I Was curious about any projected release date for v7.

Keep up the good work! g

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I started on RB6 but I needed the new DAV server features given that I was migrating from Exchange.

I currently use DavDroid to sign in to my Contacts and Calendar on my Android phone.
Because I do not use Play Services, this is the only solution that allows me to sync contacts and calendar.

RB7 supports Calendar Colors, but it’s iffy with recurring events. I would strongly suggest an IMAP based relationship with RB7. It will make things easier.

Thanks mass. My needs are much simpler. In a way 6 is a good match for my need only for reliability and reliable bandwidth to the Continent. I guess they don’t do point releases. Do they post all their bug fixes? g