Complete Failure

I think I should have reviewed and logged into Runbox via web browser prior to renewing at $35 a year.

This is one one the most poorly designed interfaces I have ever encountered. Version 6 isn’t much better but it functions

Nice company statements will not make make up for this. I don’t think you people know what you’re doing.

Wow. My mistake in not doing my research.

Hello. Welcome to the forum.

It would be really helpful to us if you could tell us what you didn’t like about the interface. The new Runbox 7 interface is still in beta although we have released it for general use now. We would be happy to try and address any issues that you’ve had with it. Thank you.

It has been in Beta forever. I’m sorry: it’s garbage top to bottom. I feel like I’m interacting with something from 1996.

I’ll be researching for other email options.

Good luck to you

I was hoping you would give us some specific details. It’s rare for us to receive such general feedback calling it “garbage top to bottom” without any details so I was wondering if there was something not working properly that we could help fix.

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Hi Dave, Describing the latest Runbox7 beta as “garbage top to bottom” is most disingenuous and a kick in the teeth to those trying to develop this product. It is by not mean perfect but is still in beta form so there is time to improve it with the right feedback. To this effect I would like to make two comments:

  1. The way I use it is to have no side panel and have the emails preview full hight. However though I can set it up like this, next time I log in it has defaulted to the side panel again. How do I keep my settings?

  2. Also the top menu of the preview window is strange. There is an icon that looks like “< >”. You would think that this would move you through your emails forward or backwards but actually shows the source code! Is this an error in the beta version because it does not make much sense to me?

Please take the above seriously as without these changes Runbox7 is less that user friendly.

Many thanks, John


Hello John,

Thanks for your message here, and thanks for understanding that without some details we can’t really act on people’s comments. We are keen to make changes and now is the time to make those.

Yes, I think with the flexibility that Runbox 7 offers in terms of layout it would be very useful for it to remember how you have the screen set up in terms of what you suggest and also things like column widths etc. It’s been mentioned a few times so I am sure we will do something about that.

The “< >” characters are actually there to indicate you can view the source/code of the email because those characters are used in a lot of programming languages and would be familiar to many people especially those who know HTML. However, now that you’ve mentioned it I see your point, and also some buttons to move between messages would be useful especially if you use a view where an open message means you can’t see the message list (mostly on mobile devices perhaps).

I’ll certainly feed these ideas back to the team, and just for your information you can also create issues for us to look at at

We are very keen that Runbox 7 is developed in an open way so that people can see what we are doing. You might also find issues there for other things you’ve noticed and may wish to comment on them.


Hi Dave,

“It’s been mentioned a few times so I am sure we will do something about that.” Yes I myself mentioned it a long long time ago, could be a year but anyway a long time ago when I was of a mind to give feedback. So my question is simple, why have you still not
done anything about it? As you can see I am supportive of the development process but think issues should be dealt incrementally not wait to the end and then do it all. By not getting this done you divert attention from other problems - at least as far as
I am concerned.

Another point is the “< >” icon. I see what you mean. But is your average user really interested in seeing the HTML? Most browsers will let you do this anyway or am I missing something? For myself on the rare occasions when I want to look at the HTML, say to
investigate a suspicions link, I use the browser’s facility. Is there really a reason to have this dedicated icon?

Keep it up, John

I’ve also been critical of some of the design choices in the past

@Whitehawk your criticism is not constructive. You need to explain what the issue is.

Yes, I agree, the UI isn’t the best, I think it needs some serious input from an experienced non-developer/designer.

But, the fact is that the runbox service as a whole is excellent and feature rich.