"There was an error with Spam functionality."

Logged in to find two messages in my Spam folder (a thankfully rare occurrence for me). Both were order status updates from the same company, a well-known outdoor gear manufacturer. I selected them and clicked the Not Spam button. I then briefly saw a status message of “Reporting Not Spam”, but was taken back to my Spam folder with the error message “There was an error with Spam functionality.”

How can I report the messages as Not Spam if the web interface to do so isn’t working, as appears to be the case here?


Have you tried in RB6 as well as RB7?

I didn’t think of that, but I did log in from my phone, where I went through the exact same steps I had done on the computer, and that time it worked.

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Hello @wmrbf Do you get this error message every time you use the report spam feature? If you do I suggest you submit a bug report directly from Runbox 7 so that we can look in to this. I’ve tried the feature just now and it didn’t give an error in my test.

i’m having that issue. over 3300 emails in the spam folder (at least displayed) but when I move them they eventually fail.

as i posted here: There was an error with Spam functionality