Announcement: Runbox 7 Calendar (Beta)


Today it’s my pleasure to announce the release of the Runbox 7 Calendar. If you’ve used our CalDAV server before you’ll be pleased to be able to finally use it through the web interface, not needing a separate program anymore. As this is still a Beta, not everything that your calendar can do will be available in the Runbox7 Calendar yet, but I do encourage you to point out everything that you’re missing, so that we can fill in the blanks and make it as good as it gets :­)

If you haven’t used CalDAV before, the Calendar sub-app should hopefully be self-explanatory: feel free to click around, test it out, and point out everything that’s not obvious or broken – nothing should be :­)

Unlike the new Contacts, the Calendar doesn’t require any sort of migration: all the data is already where it should be. Similarly to Contacts though it can be synchronized with your other programs and devices: head out to to see how to do that.

Let me know what you think, let me know what you’re missing, and enjoy the new Calendar \o/


whats the purpose of this changes? Before you started reshaping the Runbox did you made a study on how many people use email clients and whats the percentage of web mail user? I have the strong feeling that you started a project just because you wanted / needed to start something and I don’t ask about financing, its your money. maybe.
Related to my question on how many people are using email clients I would say its above 70%.
And your Calendar looks like this:


We’re aware that some customers are having a problem with Runbox 7 showing as a blank screen at the moment. We are working on this.

I don’t understand what you mean about starting a project just because we wanted to? A web-based calendar service is one of the top requests we get from customers, along with the ability to use it with a calendar app. This has nothing to do with email clients as such unless you are using a calendar in an email client of course.

If you could be more specific in what you feel we are getting wrong here by developing a web-based calendar we can hopefully address those concerns :slight_smile:

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Hello Dave,
I meant Runbox 7 and my question how many users use clients for mail (and existing and working contacts and calendar DAV’s) compared to web login users is still on. At the end of the day it is your company and of course you can do whatever you like, I just don’t understand the urgency to replace something what is working well.


There are a large number of customers who use our webmail, and features such as calendar and contacts are better suited to more modern web technologies. Also, with the increase in use of mobile devices it was becoming more important to provide a web interface that worked for those devices specifically.

Other reasons include better security with more modern web technologies and the ability to more easily (and more cost effectively) introduce new features in a re-designed interface rather than bolt them on to an existing one. Also, the old interface while incredibly functional was also not meeting the changing design expectations of new and existing customers.

You refer to “urgency”, but Runbox 7, calendars and improvements in other features have been planned for quite some time. It might be that now we can release these features it seems progress is fast, but the work has been ongoing from planning to development for quite some time.

However, let’s keep this discussion on topic and if you do use the new calendar feature let us know what you think :slight_smile:

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Hi @Vlado and thanks for your message.

The purpose of these changes is to build a webmail service for the future, and to expand it with essential services like calendaring (which we have long promised to do).

The current trend shows that progressive web apps (PWAs) will continue to increase in popularity compared to native apps, and with Runbox 7 we are at the forefront of this development.

Our efforts are aimed at increasing Runbox’ competitiveness in a market that’s seeing rapid development on several fronts, and we believe that this will benefit our customers both in the short and long term.

We appreciate any and all feedback on the Runbox 7 project, and invite everyone to comment on the Runbox 7 Roadmap and get involved to help shape the development. :smiley:

Regarding the screenshot you posted we have had intermittent issues recently with a backend service which is used by both Runbox 6 and Runbox 7, so this doesn’t really reflect the stability of the Runbox 7 webmail itself.

– Geir


Hello Geir,
sorry for being quite rude but I didn’t see clear reasons for Runbox rebuild as I missed the information that the final aim is to create a PW App. Now everything makes sense and I wish you good luck.

One question. Can tracking and content blockers installed on PC’s / Mac’s influence PW Apps?


Euh? How can I delete/modify calendar items?


If you click at a day (in the month view), all the events on that day show up. Click on their names and you’ll be able to edit and delete them.

I guess it’s not immediately obvious; I’ll look for a way to make them more visible and more clickable :­)


Just not. I only seeing a black bar. Clicking does nothing. It does work in day and week view.

Chrome 73.0.3683.75.


And nothing happens when you click on ‘test2’ on that bar? It should make a window pop up with the editor.

This is how it looks for me


Hmm, it does work now. Temporary glitch? Although it does not work very smoothly. Even very bad on Safari (iPad).
BTW. Calendar is not shown in app on iPhone.


I think it’s great that you guys have built in a web calendar, as it was one of the things making me a little nervous about migrating my calendars to runbox.


Excellent news - I will follow development with eager anticipation.


@bburg Could you be a little more specific about what actions are not working smoothly?

Please include the iPad model and iOS version you are running.

– Geir


@Geir, it’s not very responsive. I have to tap several times to let the event pop up.
iPad 2017, IOS 12.2, Safari.
Oh, and why does an event not directly show up when it is created?


Nice to see a web based calendar added to RB7 and keep the improvements coming. Eventually, there should be a method of importing calendar data from gmail.

I would suggest that every app should open up a new tab by default.


First of all: GREAT NEWS! :smile:

I know it is still quite raw, but please keep the effort!

I would like to report a bug: recurring events are not being shown, have you guys checked it?

Also, they can not be created yet (but I guess you guys have realised that :slight_smile: )

Carlos Dourado

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why the week in Calendar is stating with Sunday?